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Insomniac Games responds to Fuse criticism

Developer Insomniac Games' upcoming third-person shooter game, Fuse, isn't due out for another few months, but it has already received a fair amount of criticism from the gaming community. This criticism seems to have began in mid-2012 when the game was rebranded as Fuse from its original title Overstrike.

Ryan Schneider, the Head of Marketing for Insomniac Games explains that decision in a sit-down interview with News10's Game Guys. (Fuse, PS3, Xbox 360)

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ritsuka666  +   718d ago
The amount of people warming up to this game makes me happy! Fuse looks great, there's no need to hate it because of what it used to be. Enjoy it for what it is, not for what it was. Don't knock it until you try it.
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Baka-akaB  +   717d ago
No need to twist everyone's word that much . Most of the people complaining didnt even care for Fuse (aka overstrike) when it was cartoony and just a teaser , so it's not a matter of hatred because of "what it used to be" .

It's just that what they see right now is even LESS appealing and worthy of note aesthetically wise for those that knew about Overstrike . And those that didnt dont seem enthralled either , at least not yet

There is hardly some kind of smear campaign , most dont even know or care about the game so far .

Speaking for myself and only myself , the game doesnt look appealing , and does look like a potential flop , amidst the games peaking everyone's interest and with no distinct looks of its own .

Now it it's a success and a good game , good for them , but seems like an uphill battle
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Conzul  +   717d ago
Yes it looks like it could flop, but the dynamic seems cool.
SilentNegotiator  +   717d ago
Step 1: Create a CGI trailer with interesting characters and style.

Step 2: Completely flip it on its head.

Step 3: Act shocked by disappointment.

Step 4: Turn up your nose and get fans emotionally attached to the "attacks" that your game is receiving.
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MikeMyers  +   717d ago
It's pretty disgusting how developers now have to worry about a vocal minority out there who are negative people to begin with. It's almost like a virus where they want it to spread like wildfire.

I say let the game speak for itself. If it ends up being generic then so be it. Criticize the game then. I'm glad I didn't listen to the Negative Nancies out there for games like Devil May Cry and Tomb Raider. They both turned out to be fun games.

The other issue we have here is people just love to hate EA so those people will be that much harder to convince because Insomniac went with them. So what you also have is a mixture of those who are upset they left Sony plus those who can't stand EA.

Let the game speak for itself and we can't even discuss Overstrike because that wasn't a game but merely a concept. So stop saying this game should have been that because there was no game then. Insomniac went with EA because EA have the marketing ability and are one of the biggest publishers in the world. No matter how much people hate them they have games that can sell well. Perhaps if Resistance 3 was published by Ea and available on multiple systems it too would have sold better. It was a great game.
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Unicron  +   717d ago
"Let the game speak for itself and we can't even discuss Overstrike because that wasn't a game but merely a concept."

*starts slow clap for logical post*
Baka-akaB  +   717d ago
This is precisely why i dont think there is a real anti fuse campaign per se . Overstrike didnt exist all we had was a cgi teaser .

People have a right to be turned on or not by what they currently see , and can of course change their mind once the game speaks for itself
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   717d ago
***"I say let the game speak for itself. If it ends up being generic then so be it."***

I agree with this in regards to Fuse or any other new or non established IP. But as for franchises with fan bases I say let the fans complain. Most of the time the complaints are legitimate backed up with convincing reasons.
Sevir  +   709d ago
@Unicron! lol its good to see you back in here
But its true, Overstrike was just a CGI concept. What's shown here for Fuse looks great and I can't wait to play it.
Root  +   717d ago
"The amount of people warming up to this game makes me happy!"

Where are you looking...

People have a right to think that because by looking at FUSE it dosen't look like a game Insomniac would make. The reason people go on about Overstrike so much despite only seeing a teaser is because the style and humor used fit something they would make more then FUSE.

You can tell aswell that like so many other games under EA, that they were the reason for the change.

I hope it flops because I never want Insomniac to go with EA again. I'm not seeing another dev I like turn to crap because of them, I saw Biowares decline and I don't want to see theirs.
Baka-akaB  +   717d ago
Resistance was hardly comedy and cartoon slapstick .

If anything it proves , along their very first game Disruptor , a shooter , that Insomniac can do any genre beyond cute spyro stuff and ratchet fun and comedy.

I call BS on the whole Overstrike interest . When the cgi teaser was there , most people yawned then .

And for good reasons as it was just that , a cgi teaser and interviews , with nothing concrete .
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guitarded77  +   717d ago
Call it Overstrike... call it FUSE... I don't care. My issue with the game is that it looks like a generic 3rd person shooter. The thing that sets Insomniac apart are WEAPONS. Both Ratchet and Resistance have great weapons, but even the insane guns can wear out after a while. FUSE needs more than some good weapons to stand out in the 3rd person shooter genre.
Derekvinyard13  +   717d ago
No one has even played the game yet, it might be fun who knows
Tuxmask55  +   718d ago
I've been suffering from FPS overload and am concerned that 'Fuse' might be nothing more than another 'Bulletstorm'. I didn't much like 'Bulletstorm'.
Unicron  +   717d ago
It's a third person shooter though, not an FPS.
EA is ruining them. That's all there is to it.
Harkins1721  +   717d ago
Yet you support Capcom? PFF!!!!
R_aVe_N  +   717d ago
No They are ruining themselves.
Baka-akaB  +   717d ago
The irony and hypocrisy behind that guy's comment is pure gold
Harkins1721  +   717d ago
Go Insomniac!
Insomniac know what they're doing. The last couple Ratchet's and their new facebook game weren't GREAT but they prolly just made those games purely for the revenue to be honest.
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FunAndGun  +   717d ago
So his defense for it being generic:

Crazy weapons
Strong willed villains
Exotic settings
New game mechanic called LEAP
Horde mode with a twist

Crazy weapons - there are 4
Strong willed villains - plans for world domination
Exotic settings - OK
LEAP - Jericho had that with 7 characters in 2007
Horde mode - yea!, a twist.

Can't say any of those bullet points were all that exciting. :(
Adolph Fitler  +   717d ago
Just release a demo Insomniac. I thought I would have never bothered with the new Army of Two: Devils Cartel game, as the past 2 were so boring & average, but, EA's shift in developers has done the game wonders, & I certainly have put the game on my radar.

A Game named FUSE, needs as much exposure as possible. For a start, Insomniac lost many fanboys, when they decided to go multiplat (& I didn't mention PS fanboys in particular, as ALL fanboys are the same, & as bad as one another). So, I'm not sure what kind of percentages or numbers that means for Sony, but, seeing as Resistance 3's poor sales seemed to all but prove that the PS fanbase was going off Insomniacs games anyway, then it's suffice to say that the numbers dropping anymore are gonna put extra hurt on Insomniac.

I mean, the change of name is never a good idea, IMO, & even worse when it actually went from a decent sounding name, to now what sounds like a electrician sim....FUSE is just not an excitement inducing name.

Then with that in mind, FUSE is coming when consoles are going through an all time low sales decline, then with the added pressure of next gen machines on releasing within the year, FUSE is going up against it.
I hope it a great game, I will buy it, if so, & I hope it enjoys massive success.
MestreRothN4G  +   717d ago
All I see here is
Another shooter
SageHonor  +   717d ago
My only gripe is that I see nothing that distinguishes itself from other third person shooters.
Nodoze  +   717d ago
This game is going to BOMB (and not in a good way).

Pull the plug now. Save time, save face, and get on board with Sony for the PS4. A next generation proper Ratchet. Or better yet go back to the original Overstrike concept. The original trailer looked like a Pixar title. On the PS4 it COULD look like a Pixar title.
KongRudi  +   717d ago
I'm not that excited for the game, mainly because
Everything I've seen or heard about it is on coop..
Really good games other rave about, like Borderlands, dosn't interest me, I'm not a person who want to depend on other when I got time off to be playing games.

I'll most likely buy it tough, because I loved both of Insomniacs last two franchises, Ratchet & Resistance.
Personally, I think Insomniac is amongst the best developers when it comes to fun gameplay, and I heard this also got a singleplayer.
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Genki  +   717d ago
I think this game looks good, but in light of their recent releases, I'm praying that Insomniac doesn't go the way of Free Radical and Rare. Always sucks to see a good studio fall by the wayside.

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