New Phantom Pain trailer planned for GDC 2013, “will answer all of your questions”, new images

GE: "Moby Dick Studio "CEO" Joakim Mogren just wrapped up his interview on GameTrailers TV."

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BigStef711867d ago

That was such an awkward conversation lmao

Godchild10201867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

The man's (CEO of Moby Dick Studios) reaction, when Geoff asked about the Fox engine logo on the images was priceless.

classic2001867d ago

I watched it and I must say it was hilarious, I was about to get mad because I felt like I was going to be trolled hard by kojima but I enjoyed the comical value of this interview so I will wait until GDC.

Ezio20481867d ago

I really hope it turns out to be MGS 5. I doubt the possibility though. Lets wait till GDC 2013. I have immense hope for this game!!

Nimblest-Assassin1867d ago

A joke made by Bossman at gametrailers made my day.

What if the phantom pain is really the last guardian.

Anyways... them being at GDC is a 65% chance Kojima will finally announce this is a metal gear game

39% we will get trolled again

and 1% this has nothing to do with Kojima

trenso11867d ago

That's 105% at least make random numbers that add correctly

spongeboob1867d ago

It's totally a Kojima game. This guys name looks to be an anagram.

Joakim = Kojima
Mogren = ?

ichimaru1867d ago

well unfortunately bigstef, I cannot confirm that

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Batzi1867d ago

Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain are one. There is no speaker/presenter listed as Joakim Mogren on the GDC website. Hideo Kojima will be showing off Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain...the game might be called "Metal Gear Solid 5".

Vandamme211867d ago

No dude..they two games..ground zeroes is a prologue to the phantom pain aka mgs5.

Batzi1867d ago

So you are telling me that at GDC, Kojima will show 2 different games?

Kanzes1867d ago

Phantom Pain is a Big Boss's dream when the Les Enfant Terribles happened (when he's in a deep coma). It all make sense because of all the absurd things like unicorn, whale, and BB's lost arm.

Phantom Pain is the prologue to the Ground Zeroes.

classic2001867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

Phantom pain does not graphically look the same as ground zero. Take a good look with both games on youtube side by side and you will realize the graphical style is not the 100% the same regardless of both using fox engine.

nypifisel1867d ago

Cause GZ is for current gen and PP is for next-gen :>

Unicron1867d ago

Actually if you check some comparisons, you can see the same exact textures used for the soldiers featured in GZ's camp and Phantom Pain's scenes -

They're the same game.

DOMination-1867d ago

If anything TPP looks a lot worse than GZ imo.

CaptainYesterday1867d ago

Damn I got all hyped for that "interview" it was like 30 seconds long with no new information revealed :(

Batzi1867d ago

dude 11 days from now you will be getting Ground Zeroes & The Phantom Pain trailers with more information too. 11 days.

KingKelloggTheWH1867d ago

That guys 'accent' was terrible,it came and left randomly.

Game4life1867d ago

Tell that to clifford B.

Jek_Porkins1867d ago

waste of time.... they always hype stuff and let everyone down.

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