Howard Lincoln: Kicking Ass Before Reggie Came Along

"Howard Lincoln started off as a lawyer who helped Nintendo beat Universal in a lawsuit where Universal sued Nintendo over the name “Donkey Kong”. The issue was that “Donkey Kong” was too similar to “King Kong”. Lincoln found out that Universal never registered the rights to the name, and it became a huge win for Nintendo. Lincoln later became one of Nintendo’s top executives at Nintendo of America. Lincoln joined Nintendo in 1983 as its Senior Vice President and General Counsel. In 1994, he was appointed its chairman. When you watch old interviews of him, his voice came off somewhat bland or monotone. Lincoln didn’t have that ability to hype up Nintendo fans like Reggie does. Everything Reggie says or does turns into an animated gif or meme.
But make no mistake about it. Howard Lincoln was Nintendo’s attack dog. He was much more aggressive behind the scenes than he was in front of a camera or an interview. If you have ever read about Howard Lincoln, and his business relationship with Nintendo of America president Minoru Arakawa, you get the sense of how cutthroat Nintendo of America’s management was back then. Lawyers are super competitive people, and I believe his competitive edge made him one of the most influential Nintendo executives of all time.", writes NotEnoughShaders.

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MultiConsoleGamer1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

I met him over a decade ago.

Total bad ass. You'd never know it by looking at him. Always kept his cool in the face of danger.

BTW, this article is a damn fine piece of work! Outstanding and well researched. Very well done!