Acquire teasing new PS Vita project

The Japanese developer has gone up with a teaser site, available at the, showing four city overheads with flashing numbers followed by the text: “Are you alive? 80,655 -2010-.”

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sinncross1802d ago

Tenchu? Where did you get that vibe from?

a_bro1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

doesnt Acquire make the Tenchu games?

then again, the picture is of a city, so nevermind...although i am a bit interested to know what it is...

Skips1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

I want a new Tenchu SOOOOOOOO f******g badly!



Hows about PS4!?!? Since you know, it is easier to develop for!

r211802d ago

New ip built for ps vita please :D

PS4isKing_821802d ago

Wow this has to be a sign!! I JUST bought tenchu wrath of heaven on ps2 over the weekend. PLEASE let there be a ps4 tenchu!!!!

sherimae24131802d ago

this is the 2nd new vita game announcement within this month
come on vita more games announcements please ^_^

Eddard_Stark1802d ago

I am getting a survival post apocalyptic vibe from the picture and also that number figure... could it be the total amount of survivors after a cataclysm????

Snookies121802d ago

Perhaps an apocalypse, and with so few people remaining they've turned back to swords and things of that sort for survival like the olden days. (We all know it'll have swords, it's Acquire after all.) :]

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