The Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Edition Review | BootHammer

"The Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Edition has debuted at the right time for the Wii U. It’s a feature rich title with one of Marvels most iconic super heroes and better yet it’s packed full of free DLC and priced to move." BootHammer

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TrendyGamers1892d ago

I played it last year and liked it.

BootHammer1892d ago

It's a fun game plus all the free DLC combined with the discounted price makes it a no-brainer ;)

Sako1892d ago

Looks good, I never played this. I do love Spider-Man though, and the additional dlc content seems to add a lot of meat to the game. My only gripe with this title is that the web doesn't attach to anything, ie you don't need to be close to a building in order to swing, like in spiderman 2 :)