5 franchises we want on Vita

Play-Mag - We are contractually obliged to like the Vita here at Play, but even we understand that it’s a great console burdened by a lack of must-have games. It’s a similar problem the PSP suffered on its launch, but after a few years it built up a considerable catalogue of great titles. We have faith the Vita will eventually end up in the same place, but just in case the guys in charge need a hand, here are five franchises we’d love to see on our handheld machines.

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jujubee881980d ago

But current VITA carts only hold 4GB. VITA carts would probably need an upgrade to 8GB (at least) to get an open world game like that.

sinncross1980d ago

Thinking about Mass Effect, I really wish Sony would get into gear about PS Mobile. Would be great to get some cheap well known mobile games like
Mass Effect Infiltrator
Dead Space Mobile
Chaos Rings (basically like FF)

to at least get these sort of IP's represented on the device in a small capacity. That would be a step in the right direction to getting the bigger titles on the PSV.

I would love to see a Type 0 FF port after SE ditched the English PSP version, and a new Metal Gear Acid game would be sweet too.

classic2001980d ago

Not really, sacrifice the graphics and that world can be bigger than skyrim. Like back when morrow wind came out.

porkChop1980d ago

I remember reading that Sony was already testing bigger game cartridges before the Vita came out. I remember there were 8GB and 16GB ones. So I wouldn't be surprised if Sony already has them ready for developers to use.

jujubee881980d ago

Not to be too annoying, but can you link me to where you saw that?

I have followed a lot of VITA stories and never heard SCE get that intricate on those sort of details.

Sithlord-Gamble1979d ago

It is true. I read the same thing. Sony said that they have larger cards that they would be willing to make available if a developer desired their size.

This is a great list by the author. I'd love to have any of those franchises on my Vita.

Myst1980d ago

I would have enjoyed Final Fantasy Type-Zero on the Vita. Hell I'd probably enjoy it period if I got a chance to play it..

murdock551980d ago

fallout, gta, final fantasy, need for speed, mass effect, killzone, dead space, resident evil.

Kingthrash3601980d ago

Need for speed out already killzone out in September ffX announced...all others.....agreeeed.

tachy0n1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

just watch as most of these games come to the PSVita.

sdozzo1980d ago

I love my vita but I don't know if it is powerful enough for some of these games. Sorry, but some stuff runs pretty choppy. I know, everything can run choppy at some point but you see me working.

Kingthrash3601980d ago

Most ps3 games were choppy in first will pick up once dev get into the meat of the vita. All systems go through this.

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The story is too old to be commented.