How Call of Duty Consumed a Generation of Gamers

Daily Reaction: "Everyone loves to hate Call of Duty, the best selling franchise of the generation, due to the fact it doesn’t change much, its length and, frankly, its success. But the developer of shooter Red Orchestra 2 has raised another issue – the series has destroyed a generation of players. Is this true, and if so, is it a problem? Daily Reaction’s Seb and Dan discuss."

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Foolsjoker1951d ago

I really hope Call of Duty was just a phase.

Root1951d ago know what it was like in Highschool when this thing was announced and especialy when it released. Seeing people be friends with one another despite hating each other just because of this game, the fact that tons of people who you knew didn't give a crap about games and even called you because you used to play them alot were getting it and how COD to these people was the "best game ever" despite a few months after launch they say "Oh it wasn't as good as the last one"

Seriously it was frustrating...especially if these idiots are your friends.

Even being in College now and away from them I'm still going to hear about it on our meet ups..."Oh MW4 was announced I can't wait"....blah blah blah.

"Has anyone played Tomb Raider/Hitman/Bioshock/Ni No Kuni yet"



HarryMasonHerpderp1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

"Has anyone played Tomb Raider/Hitman/Bioshock/Ni No Kuni yet"


Lol that is so true.
My friends play Fifa, Halo, and COD.
Anything else and they get confused and think it's "nerdy " -_- damn casuals.
I showed my friend Ni No Kuni and the first thing he said was that the graphics were awful and it looked like a cartoon, I was like uh yeah that's the point and how are these graphics awful? he just goes it doesn't look real at all. I wanted to punch him in the face lol.

knowyourstuff1951d ago

The problem is, when you play one single game for so long and you get consumed by it, you can't handle change. People are creatures of habit, they don't like change, so when a game becomes habitual, you can't handle something different.
CoD players are particularly fickle, they can't stand when something is different than CoD. If you're going to make something different, you need to make sure it works though, and that it's fun. The changes need to make sense, and need to be play-tested by gamers to ensure that you haven't made something new for the sake of making something new, because new isn't always better.

Root1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

"Lol that is so true.
My friends play Fifa, Halo, and COD."


I don't understand how playing just those games with the odd blockbuster that everyone is talking about (hype) can make you a gamer.

I was called once for being a nerd when I explained to someone what Oblivion was.

"Haha so it's like World of Warcraft...what a nerd"

This was before Skyrim and the hype/sudden interest of the Elder Scrolls franchise.

MeatAbstract1951d ago

I know one of other person that regularly plays games but it's amazes me how our tastes differ.

But one thing that made me chuckle was, one of the few games we both enjoy is Gears of War, so I ask him 'Are you getting the new Gears in March?' and he replies 'Nah, it's just more of the same isn't it?' but the prospect of MW4 got him very excited. Strange.

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ritsuka6661951d ago

Prepare ourselves for disappointment.

dbjj120881951d ago

And the next generation and the next...

knifefight1951d ago

I dunno, trends come and go. Ill bet CoD stays *a* top franchise, but not to the extent that it is now. It'll be replaced by something else eventually. Some upstart in the next gen will open things up just like Call of Duty did this gen, Halo did in the last gen, Goldeneye did in the 64/32-bit era, and Doom did before that. There will be a new king, we just don't know his name yet.

TrendyGamers1951d ago

Is that baby replacing Kaz now?

Wedge191951d ago

Call of Journey: Sand Ops.
Unfinished Duty: Swan Warfare

Hydralysk1951d ago

I would purchase any game that let me engage in Swan Warfare.

Bonerboy1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

I agree whole heartedly with the RO dev's opinion on the pcgamer article. That said, I'd still much rather have all of the racist annoying brats stick to their "spoon-fed skill" games like COD than bring their bullshit rhetoric over to a game like the Red Orchestra series which has a truly challenging learning curve, and for the most part played by respectable adults. Not only would 99.9 % of these COD kids ferociously suck at RO and puss out altogether blaming their suck on the game itself, but their running mouths would have them booted from the servers. Oh PC how I love thee for keeping console kids away from my enjoyment.

mayberry1951d ago

Reminds me of when Killzone 2 realeased. I convinced 2 people to get it, and they stopped playing after a while, so I asked them why and they gave me a (surprisingly), long list of issues they didn't like about it, and in hindsight, they were the same issues that were being touted about on the internet forums, and when I looked at their trophy lists, one 'gamer' only played 3 levels, the other just a few hours online! IMHO, they hadn't given nearly enough time into it to just give up. Both were back on COD. I feel like it their loss.

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