Major League Baseball 2K13 Review -

"Was MLB 2K13 doomed from the start? Up until a few months ago, there was no word from 2K or MLB on a license renewal – and once it finally was announced in late January, it seemed too late for 2K to implement anything new or innovative. But even with lowered expectations, MLB 2K13 is a travesty of sports gaming, a blatant reproduction of 2K12 in every single facet. This isn’t completely a terrible thing: what worked well in 2K12 worked here, but with less modes and absolutely no sense of effort on the part of developer to clean up any of its problems, it’s an entirely disappointing release, especially considering its $59.99 price tag."

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Lvl_up_gamer1898d ago

As a big fan to this franchise, I have to admit I am grossly disappointed in this game.

It's a carbon copy of 2K12. Even the bugs and glitches in 2k12 are the same in 2k13. All 2k13 is is just a roster update.

I also found that some of the infield base throwing is skewed. It feels like even some of the best infielders are over throwing to first even when throwing in the green zone for a fast straight throw.

I am now going to make the switch to MLB The Show starting with MLB 2013.

For shame on you 2K. You would rather use what little money you have for the perfect pitch challenge and try to sell copies of the game rather then use the money to make a better MLB game for this year. For shame. You have lost my support.