Real or Fake: Examining the ‘Modern Warfare 4′ website writes, "Today, a website went live that teased the announcement of a brand new Call of Duty title. The music and blurry background image would lead you to believe that the game would be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4, but is this a tease from Activision or an elaborate hoax?"

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dasbeer881951d ago

Everyone doesn't know if this upcoming COD game will be "Modern Warfare 4". For all I know, this new CoD installment can be set in space in an orbiting moon from Mars.

DanielForth1951d ago

Agreed but I think we all know they're not that Creative.

lizard812881950d ago

Call of Duty: Mars Attacks would be awesome.

TheFamous11951d ago

Ugh I don't even care about Call of Duty anymore. Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4 were my favorite games of the series. It has been disappointing to see this franchise take a dive from a quality standpoint.

DOMination-1951d ago

I have to be the only uncool guy here but.. They've been hit and miss. Black Ops 2 i feel is much better than cod4 both sp and mp we sometimes let our nostalgia cloud our judgement but if you go back and play cod4 now you will see the difference. All those minor tweaks every year add up to a lot over time.

CynicalKelly1951d ago

Nostalgia usually forces us to think that an older game was much better when it wasn't but I still play CoD4 and I think it's still the best in the series.

To be honest, I am surprised to hear anybody actually enjoyed Black Ops 2 despite it's huge improvement from MW3.

spatt1951d ago

That almost has a little battlefield look to it, maybe BF$ and MW4 hook up and create one epic game and it all explodes in day one DLC / season passes / micro-transactions.

mamotte1951d ago

Well, it's not like a new COD will be a surprise. I can even tell you'll run and shoot other people, will have a so-so MP, will be accesible to all gamers, will sell tons, and will be hated anyway.

We're not missing or teasing something new here. It's just another COD, real or fake.

Kran1951d ago

It still surprises me people are pathetic enough to make fake sites for Call of Duty anymore.