Assassin’s Creed IV is being developed across seven different studios – here’s how

EDGE - Creation of the singleplayer missions in Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag is being split between lead developer Ubisoft Montreal and supported by studios in Kiev, Quebec and Singapore. Ubisoft’s Sofia outfit is creating the modern day elements of the game, and two more studios in Annecy and Bucharest are handling multiplayer.

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R_aVe_N1869d ago

That is a lot of people for just one game I really hope it is worth it.

Chucky20031869d ago

the same was with all the games in the series

ElectricKaibutsu1869d ago

I wonder which studios are making which console version.

Kitsunami1869d ago

Because that went -really- well for Gearbox when it split development between two-three studios on Colonial Marines.

linkenski1869d ago

It's probably gonna be like where you have 1/5th of missions that doesn't suck, because the rest is made by the other devs, who have been scratching their head on how to deliver what the publisher wants.

DudeJets1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

As much as I want to look forward to this title after purchasing every previous AC on day 1 I just can't. Ubi are full of empty promises. There games are so over hyped now days even with WATCH DOGS it just oozes assassins creed even the visual effects with on screen text.

The AC4 title needs to be exceptionally well polished after previous gamed and also more main story

and for gods sake make combat a challenge

KaBaW1868d ago

I agree with the combat, AC1 was actually a bit of a challenge.
The rest of the games were just way too easy to kill squad after squad.

Y_51501868d ago

In order to have yearly releases, you need more than one studio. Call of Duty has around 3 devs work aroud different Cod projects. Assassins creed needs all those devs, it's incredible on what teamwork can do!