We Said 'Cell Phone Games Will Hit PS3 Quality In 2013': Did They?

GamesRadar - Is It Even Close? Lets Take A look.

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Muffins12231620d ago

Maybe in some graphical aspects but in quality and content...hell no.They offer one of the most shitty experiences,after a day or two your done with a iphone game usually.

linkenski1620d ago

Cell phone gaming will never exceed consoles when they are purely touch based.

IRetrouk1620d ago

Nope not there yet, almost at vita quality now, by next year should be even better

IRetrouk1620d ago

Go play real racing 3 on a galaxy s 3 an tell me it doesnt look as good as need for speed on vita, i own both and they are very close, like i said they are getting there just not there yet. I understand one is open world and one is race tracks but its still impressive and a definate sign of things to come.

TheGrimOfDeath1620d ago

Have you even tried Need For Speed for the Vita? Or WipEout 2048?

Ravenor1620d ago

Wait...did you just respond to yourself? Weird.

Most Wanted on the Vita is basically the console version with cut down car density and such. Not to mention actual controls, comparing Real Racing 3 to anything on the Vita is kinda silly, especially considering the open world aspect of Most Wanted.

You also neglected to mention that Most Wanted is a complete game out of the box and not a mioro transaction mess.

GribbleGrunger1620d ago

Don't forget to change to your other account next time you try that ...

Ares84HU1620d ago

Hahahahahahahahahaha this is way too funny!!!

DigitalAnalog1620d ago

Hahhaa, I was wondering why 2 users with "similar" names are responding to each other.

matgrowcott1620d ago

You guys all realize that his second post was continuing his first, right?

Or did the chance to make someone look a douche outweigh reality for a second there?

denawayne1619d ago

Did he reply to himself.

denawayne1619d ago

No, I think he was responding to the Disagrees

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RandomDude6551620d ago

Graphics wise: Absolutely not. Maybe when powervr series 6 ships.

r211620d ago

Sure, it tops old early console games. Try comparing them with some newer games though and they dont even look close.

Qrphe1620d ago

Not yet, maybe in the next 3 years.