City Interactive: PC gaming to benefit from next-gen console push

GI - CEO Marek Tyminski talks about the success of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 and how the PC market is on the rise, thanks in part to next-gen.

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classic2001900d ago


Seriously though PC gamers can be the hilarious but please tone down off the master race talk, its like you guys want to be the nazi of the gaming industry.

Somebody1899d ago did console gamers reacted to the sudden spike of "Console is Dead/Threatened thanks to mobile games" articles early this year? There were a lot of console gamers running like mad dogs trying to deny such a blasphemous thought.

hiredhelp1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

Thx classic remarks like that start stupid comments that's not needed.
As a Gamer who's seen it had 85% of all consoles in history and as a Avid PC gamer/builder.
I like to point out not all of us are petty... Soon as I got wind that CPU on ps4 was gonna use AMD just like the Wii U I knew pc transition was gonna be awsome.
No more bloody ports no more DX9 when running dx11 cards wasted.
But you know what this gen not only did Nintendo Sony I'm sure MS do right thing by going PC based under the hood dev freindly but now means YOU! As a console gamer can now have the honor to now have a taste of pc gaming with DX11.
Better performance better AA so hopfully
no more if not alot less jaggies.
Basicly both sides should win no more ports you get to have benifits we've had for years no point battling out who's better cos that's stupid.
After all we are all gamers right we want the best games devs can offer us well you heard it yourselvs folks ps4 specs means better games, better open world even more open world games. More going on at once IT'S GONNA BE EPIC who's knows I might buy one sit next to my Beast.
I7 2600k 4.7ghz
Asrock fatal1ty
8gb ripjaw
Sapphire 7970
1000watt psu
Now that's being a fanboy but it doesn't matter how good my rig is or out of date I still miss my heavy rain,god of war GT5 that's why I said I may get a ps4 if my wife lets me.

CBaoth1899d ago

As someone whose seen every console launch and owned 4 gaming rigs before MS even announced Windows, I can safely say who cares. You made some good initial points then went on "my E-epeen specs sheet" fanboy tangent. NOBODY cares about your PC; you undermined your whole point by sounding like one of those douches (unless I missed the part where City Interactive asks everyone to post their specs).

hiredhelp1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

The specs was a sarcasm the fact I was getting at was both sides gonna be happy.
I started gaming at 6 but started into PCs 17 after being unable to work after a bad acsident.
So I've built up many rigs while still owning consoles threw out the years.

landog1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

i think pc gamers i just reacting to the overblown statements made by console gamers that think the ps4 is going to be on par with a high end gaming pc of today

the fact is, pc gamers are already using resolutions, AA levels, AF levels, shadowing, HDR lighting in real time that just will simply NOT be possible on ps4 or nextbox with the specs inside them

2560x1600 is 100% out of the question for any ps4 game, yet pc already does it

120 frames per second, never going to happen on ps4

8x, 16x, 32x anti aliasing, not happening on ps4 (you can see tons of jaggies in the killzone shadowfall gameplay) so i would guess the max aa that will be on ps4 is 4x in some games, most using crappy fxaa after effect/blur filters

that said, i cannot wait for ps4, ps2 was a near perfect console imo, so many great games, same with ps3, sure, the graphics on both were never close to high end pc gaming of their respective times, neither will be the ps4, but does it really matter

some of my favorite games ever look damn near terrible by todays standards.....i think i play my psp more than my ps3 or 360 and the graphics on that thing are pretty awful, but i love niche rpgs

ps4 is gonna kick ass, and with it being so similar to pc architecture, we will have awesome games on both platforms and devs like naughty dog will be able to do freaking amazing things with all that extra power

also, freaking deep down (dragons dogma 2??) has me totally GEEKED for ps4!!

i hope we get a game like dark/demons souls at launch, and please, release the thing soon, i wnat it in september, i know it probably won't happen, but i freaking want my ps4 NOW!!!!

mistertwoturbo1899d ago

Personally the way I see it, is that we'll finally be able to play "console" type games with the higher quality it deserves.

monkeyfox1899d ago

Wish people would stop talking as if theres this huge fkin divide... We are all just gamers. Gamers may play games on consoles (affordable) or on PCs (a bit more money) but essentially we are all just gamers. We go where the games are... In fact everyone one of us uses a PC for something i bet.. Im typing on one now.. and i may play a bit of DayZ on PC one day and then maybe a console game another day.. and i bet we all do that to some extent or other -