Early Sales for the Wii U are Low, Is It Too Early to Start Panicking?

Gi - Nintendo‘s Wii U was released in Nov. 2012 with plenty of fanfare and optimism. With the huge success of the Wii, which was released six years ago, Nintendo decided to step up its game, so to speak, with an updated version. The Wii U was touted as being new, innovative and the first of the next generation of consoles, and there were high expectations as far as sales were concerned. But with the fourth quarter coming to a close, it looks like those expectations for the Wii U were a little too high.

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sinncross1807d ago

It currently lacks software...

I think it lacks enough games that make you feel the WiiU controller is worth it. I mean, I know people love the controller and I am not dismissing that. I just think that most people are still questioning it.

Bimkoblerutso1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Unfortunately I gotta agree. There's just nothing all that exciting happening with that tech.

Plus, I have loved Nintendo with a passion for many years, but even I've been having trouble getting excited for "another Zelda" or "another Mario" after this many years, solid as they always seem to be when they arrive.

JsonHenry1807d ago

The tech under the hood and the controller do nothing for me. But the real problem and reason I have not yet bought one is that there are not enough games for it that make me want to buy it.

Trunkz Jr1807d ago

Same thing happened with the 3DS and now look at it, it's doing just fine... Once some great titles come out for the Wii U it will do much better in terms of selling Hardware (this applies to the Vita as well, it did horrible at first and now it's doing better).

Megaplaynate1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

The 3DS started to sell well because of the price drop, a lot of gamers thought the 3DS was overpriced and waited for a price drop, maybe the same is happening to the wii u.
I know I'm gonna buy one if it includes a game and costs $250. Aside from that I think the wii u will do just fine, maybe it won't win this generation but they still have a lot of money on the bank.

VINNIEPAZ1807d ago

Long as I get Monster Hunter and Bayonetta 2 I know Im glad to have a Wii U

3-4-51806d ago

I can't stand the title.

What good does panicking do ?

Do intelligent people panic ?

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MultiConsoleGamer1807d ago


More doom and gloom.

And the facts are you don't actually know the real sales. The only legitimate numbers are from media create. And yeah, sales are definitely sluggish in Japan. Anything NPD related you find online has been an "estimate," posted by agenda driven sites like neogaf, and are nothing close to the real numbers. And vgchartz numbers are completely and totally fictional. 100% bullshit.

jay21807d ago

No. It's going the way of the dreamcast.

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RTheRebel1807d ago

I think you mean the vita =)

TongkatAli1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

The Vita is kicking its ass currently. You know its in trouble, lol. I love my Vita, but I can't hide the fact about its sales.

Bascillay if the Vita is F then the Wii U is even more Fed in the A.

sherimae24131807d ago

really the vita? thats why the PSP is topping the wii u in japan with selling below 10k just like the vita before the price drop and look now the vita sales, ^_^
and please do some research the wii u selling poorly globally
but it will here to stay just waiting for its games ^_^
heck even the multiplat games like fifa and madden are selling more in vita than wii u

PopRocks3591807d ago

Less than half a year into its life cycle? If the 3DS, Vita and PS3 had not already happened, I probably would worry about its performance. Give or take more solid software and perhaps a price drop somewhere later on, and it will pick up fine.

Yeah everyone talks about the Nextbox and PS4, but if that logic didn't apply last generation, I don't see why it would with this one.

Number-Nine1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Yes it's too early. Look at the ps3 in it's early years.

NYC_Gamer1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

How much did PS3 cost[$500-600]?Wii-U being way cheaper and selling this low amount of units is a problem that Nintendo have to correct.

Number-Nine1807d ago

how about a wait and let's see approach. it's a 4 month old console with e3 around the corner.

no need to panic yet.

i predict a price cut in the near future to boost sales like they did with the 3ds.

Jadedz1807d ago

Sure, there are 3rd party titles on the Wii U, but not to the amount that the PS360 amass. No GTA, Tomb Raider, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, Red Dead Redemption, Dead Space - those are titles that ''sell consoles.''

I'm not saying that Nintendo deserves support ''just cause,'' but 3rd party publishers overwhelmingly chose Microsoft and Sony over Nintendo. In this scenario; Nintendo's holding a knife while the competition is sporting rocket launchers.

GamersRulz1807d ago

PS3 was selling better than WiiU @$600. Sorry but no comparison here at all.

PS3 in its worst year was able to pull 10+ million unit a year.

kneon1807d ago

The PS3 sales were never close to being as low as Wii U sales at this point after launch, that's why all the doom and gloom.

Nintendo has missed their window of opportunity, many people that may have bought a Wii U will now wait for the PS4 or

Bathyj1807d ago

I dont get why people say this anyway.

PS3 outsold XB in 2007, its first full year on the market, and it didnt even come out in Europe till march. Thats with a high price and allegedly no games and all the media backlash you could swallow.

How can that be a slow start? Its like everyone who thought it would reach PS2 levels in the first year called it a failure.


I can't see Wii U having a terrible first year like this!

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