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My Thoughts on The Last of Us

It’s been a while since the first time I’ve heard of Naughty Dog’s PS3 exclusive, The Last of Us. If you’ve read some of my earlier stuff then you already know that I’m a huge zombie fan. I’m probably the only person in the world who says “Oh great, another zombie game/movie/comic” unironically. Come to think of it, I’m the only one who does a lot of things unironically. But anyway, I was a little surprised when I saw the gameplay trailer and seemed to lose all interest in the game. Let me show you: (Naughty Dog, PS3, The Last Of Us)

ArchangelMike  +   685d ago
Terrible, terrible article. Poor grammar, very bad use of punctuation, spelling, and horrible sentence structure.

But more to the point, or the lack thereof; article has no point. Dude, doesn't think The Last of Us will be a good game. Purely based on the demo gameplay footage he has seen to date.

Nothing to see here, just another 'penny-a-hit' website, with a dude that can't even edit his own articles.
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R_aVe_N  +   685d ago
I agree with you here this was just horrible. I down voted the site for even thinking about posting this gibberish. I think it is pretty clear those that approved it didn't bother to read it, or just didn't care.
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DaThreats  +   685d ago
Your exaggerating
Pathosverdes3  +   685d ago
KimDongHwan  +   685d ago
We should always remember to WTF?/No this websites, and everytime they try to use bait titles for hits.
classic200  +   685d ago
After seeing what you wrote I won't click the link.

No one diss naughty dog when they have never made an awful game.
BlmThug  +   685d ago
I feel tLoU will finally do survival/zombie genre justice :D It really will feel like their is an outbreak and survival is key. Other zombie games make you feel invincible rather than teetering on death
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gobluesamg  +   685d ago
Yeah I don't think GTA V or Bioshock Infinite or Last of us will be good games. I haven't played them, but I just have a feeling. S/
RTheRebel  +   685d ago
I hope this game doesn't turn out like Aliens CM.
But it's Naughty Dog, Uncharted was an amazing experience and seeing what they accomplished with that series leads me to believe The Last Of Us will be amazing as well.
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ShadesMoolah  +   685d ago
The article drastically shifts direction towards the end. I can certainly see the concern raised though, I'm sure like the Rest of Us (come on!?) that he is hoping for the best.

It's certainly my most anticipated game, well, since Naughty Dog's last release, it's clear that there's huge room for error present, but fingers crossed it all works out.
Kingthrash360  +   685d ago
Who are u?
Proof this article sucks
"This was only reinforced by the way that the gameplay demo is so scripted. It was as if I were watching a cutscene trailer, not footage of someone playing. It was as if the game wasn’t even being played by a human."
Bathyj  +   685d ago
What the hell was he watching cos all the game play I've seen looks like it could have gone it many directions. The ai is a level ahead of any game on any platform.

And more to the point why is everyone always trying to use scripting and linearity to downplay tlou? 90 percent of games are linear and the ones that aren't are usual a collect of fetch quests in a large area
classic200  +   685d ago
Man if you wan't to get me angry, just show me a comment on youtube or anywhere about.

(HEY this game looks so scripted and linear, it must suck because I want open world.)

I know there is not a lot of open world games but those gamers act like every game should be open to be skyrim or grand theft auto, its like they think every game should have mindless exploration. Mindless exploration cant go for every game because it creates unconnected story. Just imagine a a connected story like god of war, kratos a angry man who is after the gods with no intention of taking a break to explore just decide to go look for treasure. It would change the experience.

Half life one of the greatest game ever, a magic linear game and I hear people want half life 3 to open world.

This is why I thank god for ken levine, showed people that scripted non open world bioshock games with some freedom will create some of the best games as long as your aim is for a connected story. We cant have booker and elisabeth going off the story path.
Ezz2013  +   685d ago
and the fact that what we saw was not scripted and pretty much every preview from every site confirm that plus they played the game
and every one who follow the game know that already

and it's not linear ..it's wide linear which allow you to explore alot

sometimes i wonder if the gaming media even know about gaming ..at all
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r21  +   685d ago
Dont give this site a click, not worth bothering. He's uninterested cause he thinks its just more Uncharted and he has 'instincts' that its going to suck :L
TwistedMetal  +   685d ago
This dude is so bad on this article let's unite together as n4g gamers and destroy his reputation and never go to his site until he changes this crap article into something decent.
GribbleGrunger  +   685d ago
Dear Lord! This got approved? Can we perhaps have an adult section on this site.

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