Maxis Dev Says SimCity Was Designed to Handle Internet Outages

RipTen writes: "The author managed to keep playing his city for 20 minutes after disconnecting from the internet ... what none of these stories mentioned, though, was that this idea had been confirmed by a Maxis dev..."

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PaladinXII1982d ago

Really well researched, analyzed and written.

Grap1981d ago

i really want to D slap that B

BitbyDeath1981d ago

I hope they're not planning for Sims4 to be an online only game :-(

1981d ago
Root1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

"Maxis’ Lucy Bradshaw explained that, due to the amount of calculations done by the servers for each individual city, creating an offline mode would require a huge amount of engineering from the development team."

Then get to work then....

What would you of rather had

Work your arses off before the game comes out to make the game offline


Work your arses off after the game comes out while being hated, while loosing fans and their trust so you can try to fix the online issues.

I know what choice I would of made

FriedGoat1981d ago

Problem is, this is utter tripe. It has been confirmed that a user enabled the debug menu and found a way to play offline. EA have since disabled the debug menu and removed any trace of the forum post.

The game can run offline perfectly, just without the other cities effects. EA are scum.

Linsolv1981d ago

They confirmed this, but they also said that the game contained server-side calculations which needed to be performed so intensively that your computer cannot perform them without the internet.

So I mean, yeah. I agree, sorta, but at the same time the lie is in the form of talking out of both sides of your mouth.

Nostradavis1981d ago

well the thing that confuses me is the sim talk and the building talk.

Stunt1981d ago

Worked out well then.

-Falaut-1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

I really think that Maxis is truthful on this matter. What is that smell? ...anyways. Why else would they make the game require an always on connection. *checks bottom of shoe* Seriously, phew. Like I was saying. You might have an setup right now that eats through Crysis, but obviously there so much more computational power required for a city simulation...OKAY! Fuck, who's messing around here!? I'm trying to comment, and all I smell is bullshit!

I'm out.

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