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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 - Review | G4MERS

G4MERS:"Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 is a cheap game, ugly game, and a game is a game for once. Although the title is based on the graphics engine CryEngine 3, is on the TV / monitor does not see. Compartmentalization of the story, corridor locations and multi frighteningly weak - that's the Sniper: Ghost Warriror 2 is." (PC, PS3, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, Xbox 360) 5/10

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MxRBrobaFett  +   985d ago
Blaze929  +   985d ago
I couldn't disagree more with this review. Seems maybe they just didn't know how to play. I'm 3 missions in and I'm loving every bit about this game. The fact that it's only $39.99 USD as well is an even better bonus - saved $20 bucks.
Skate-AK  +   985d ago
Haha the translation in the description is un-readable.
zpoc  +   985d ago
i dunno, "and a game is a game for once" reads pretty clear to me.
TooTall19  +   985d ago
Completely disagree with the review. The HUD and controls are very good. Graphics are average. Gun models look nice. While there isn't much variety, I enjoy the campaign much more than most linear campaigns. Keep in mind I don't play these type of games for the story, which isn't anything new.
masa2009  +   985d ago
I watched extensive walkthrough footage, and the game does seem even more linear than the first.
The first has plenty of invisible walls, but it still had areas a little larger than a standard shooter.

Here they allude to just 2 levels, one in Tibet and one in Bosnia, that are more open, but I wonder to what extent they are open since the rest is so narrow.
TooTall19  +   985d ago
Yeah they are linear, and most of the time the enemies are displayed on the map before you get to them.
MidnytRain  +   985d ago
Why are these even approved?
TheGrimOfDeath  +   985d ago
Everyone has their own opinions on the game dude.
deadfrag  +   985d ago
This guy does not know how to play,why the hell is he always on prone or down,dont even know how to scope...
Zha1tan  +   985d ago
love the defence for this game, it is very amusing...It is terrible...seriously go play an actually good sniper game like the original sniper elite.
SITH  +   984d ago
This game sucks. I wish I rented it.

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