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Tyler from AAG writes "God of War: Ascension is a game put in an unusual position. Advertised as a prequel to the original God of War, Ascension tries to return the human element to the Spartan warrior, Kratos, a character that has become a foam-mouthed rage filled caricature through his subsequent adventures. On top of that, the developers ambitiously tried to translate the visceral hack-and-slash combat into a Multiplayer mode. The final result is the gaming equivalent of a professional chef whipping together a fast-food cheeseburger: It tastes amazing while you are experiencing it, but turns to stone once it settles in your stomach and are left wondering if it could have been better."

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ritsuka6661981d ago

This game proves Kratos is a dead horse beaten to death. It's like God of War 3 should have been the end of Kratos story. He finally got his revenge and made all the major gods die.


Rhezin1981d ago

You could say the same for COD and battlefield

any god of war game beats half the sh!t out there so STFU

andibandit1981d ago

and COD / BF
get around 8 in scores so there is some correlation.