God of War: Ascension’s Trial of Archimedes Getting Patched, Todd Papy “Personally Tuned it”

While admittedly, this was a very difficult portion of the game, I felt that for the most part I breezed through my playthrough unchallenged until the Trial of Archimedes and I’m saddened that it’s being patched to make it easier. It’s supposed to be a challenge, a trial, a gauntlet.

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TrendyGamers1952d ago

No rest for Sony Santa Monica. First they were doing DLC and multiplayer upkeep, now they are patching this.

Wedge191952d ago

Not to mention the tough work of patching that demeaning trophy. You know, the 'sluts' one.

Wedge191952d ago

err 'Hos'. Heh, my bad. I forgot what rhymes with Bros.


TrendyGamers1952d ago

That comment offended me, I demand you change it!

RememberThe3571952d ago

Haha I love that your getting disagrees. They actually took you seriously. lol

Nimblest-Assassin1952d ago

I think the press over hyped the trials

I got it on my first try, just use hades blades and both the oath stone and time amulet.

Now that furnace fight with the 2 flames coming in on you was BS

ftwrthtx1952d ago

If it's easy, how is it a challenge?

rajman1952d ago

WTF why? I did it on my 2nd attempt, it wasnt that hard after I realised I had to be a little bit more patient, less aggressive and block more -_-

Sev1952d ago

Took me 3 or 4 tries, but I agree. It just took some thinking and strategy.

TrendyGamers1952d ago

I was have a tough time remembering to block, all offensive all the time for me in God of War games.

BlackPrince 421952d ago

Took me 3 tries.

Though, I will say they screwed the pooch on enemy design. I mean, it's nice that most of the enemies were new, but it's like they all had one switch that would either be flipped in the direction of overaggressive or in the direction of over defensive.

And you couldn't stunlock most enemies either or, easily, use power attacks to break their block.

In GOWIII, The Trial of Archimedes would have been much a breeze.

Bathyj1952d ago

Geeze, at least give me a chance to play it first and decide for myself if its too hard.

pr0t0typeknuckles1952d ago

okay not gonna lie,im disspointed,i mean i love the satisfication of winning a challenge,but i want it to be an actual challenge,especially nowadays since we dont have many challenging games.

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The story is too old to be commented.