Phantasy Star Online 2 tops 350,000 users in Japan on PSVita in just 10 days

Sega: "(Tokyo, COO CEO: Naoya Tsurumi headquarters) SEGA are deploying hte Windows PC and PlayStation ® Vita online RPG "Phantasy Star Online 2 (hereinafter, PSO2)". 3 We are pleased to announce that it has surpassed the ID 2.5 million units.

The PC version, which launched on July 4, 2012, has increased its number of registered steadily exceeding 1 million in the months of March to December of the same year, reaching to 1.7 million. Then, from February 28, 2013 version of the PlayStation ® Vita service finally begins, the number of client distribution version of the PlayStation ® Vita has surpassed 350 000 in accordance with the version and package in 10 days after download. As a result, grew larger number, ​​the number of registered up to now has been surpassed 2.5 million.
It also shows how many players are connected to the server at the same time"

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Nawert1895d ago

That is a very impressive number.

LackTrue4K1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

wait this game out in the US?!?
i need to know....ASAP!!!

Clover9041895d ago

No, not yet. Hopefully we'll hear something soon about a possible NA release.

andibandit1895d ago

Is anyone beyond me surprised that there are even 350k Vita's sold worlwide?.

G20WLY1895d ago

^bandit, you're either incredibly thick or sadly out of touch. I would hope it was the latter, but based on your comment

Have you been in a coma since 1 day after the Vita launched?

Great to see PSO2 doing so well - now hurry up and get it out for the rest of us please! :)

Snookies121895d ago

Good, now bring it over to NA and we'll add even more. :D

jujubee881895d ago

Though, if I where SEGA I would be in serious talks with SCEA about a VITA price cut.

The install base for VITA needs to increase before SEGA think of going and localizing a f2p game.

sinncross1895d ago

SEGA are releasing the game in USA and EU this year on PC...

jujubee881895d ago

And PC is not VITA. PC gamers already account for a big enough install base that SEGA can justify releasing PSO2 on PC.

Look, SCEA need to be pushed by a third party bc (it's obvious) a first party wont have the balls to tell SCEA that VITA is too expensive for gamers to afford, therefore there isn't a big install base.

The Sony store deals are a start, but those deals need to be standardized and maybe Sony should go the extra mile too. I already own a VITA, it's the billions of other that need to know and that SCEA has to entice.

MultiConsoleGamer1895d ago

Great news!

I want this game more than any other title on the Vita!

SOD_Delta1895d ago

Now all they need to do it release outside of Japan.

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The story is too old to be commented.