Dust 514 Dev Blog - Planetary Conquest: Building an Empire from the Ground Up

CCP Eterne writes:

"The paint has finished drying on the open beta release of DUST 514® and we are hard at work on the next build. Such is the norm of operating a “game as a service” here at CCP. We have been making free EVE Online® expansions for ten years and will continue that commitment to the EVE Universe by evolving DUST 514 with regular, massive updates.

Building upon DUST 514’s solid foundation of FPS and social game mechanics, our attention now turns to greater involvements of the planets of New Eden--specifically how cool it would be to have one of your own. In an update arriving later this year, we will allow the planets—or rather the many districts on each planet—to be conquered by DUST 514 player corporations. Controlling these districts will amass wealth for you and your allies and provoke conflict with your enemies."

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spicelicka1828d ago

What's up with this game, it's looks so good in videos and during the lead up to a match, but then the gameplay is horrendous. I don't know if it's the connection or because it's a beta or what not, but the gameplay needs to be a lot smoother.

cyclindk1828d ago

Overly complex upgrade/loadout system too.. it's silly. I could understand and justify that kind of depth in a top tier title, but free to play, needs to remain simple on some level with user choice for more complexity.

DeadlyFire1828d ago

I agree it is a bit overly complex, but this is how EVE works as well. If ya ever get through it all and figure it out it gets better.

andibandit1828d ago

yeah this game had a lot of petential but looking at gameplay videos i think it's gonna bomb badly.

DeadlyFire1828d ago

It has spells of ups and downs like any MMO server with couple hundred thousand players in it.

Runs smooth most of the time for me. I think its partly PS3 hardware slowing it down honestly. As its pushing it. It will get better with time if its the servers. I expect by time it transitions to PS4 it should smooth itself out.

The funny part about the gameplay is that this is only the testing area of it. Its not even in motion just yet. When EVE and Dust gameplay mixes in the future it will get even better.

Jdoki1828d ago

I agree that the load out system is overly complicated, and the methods for comparing weapons / equipment is somewhere between horrible and non-existent (unless I am missing something!)

Overall, once in a match the game is very good. Game play reminds mostly of Halo, with a tiny dash of Killzone, and a little Starhawk. I like it.

I keep thinking that sooner or later CCP are going to say that the game is also being developed for PS4 in parallel. I can't see how the game could be successful coming out this late in the PS3's lifecycle - it needs cross play with a PS4 version and a long term plan of support.

I hope this succeeds as it is a bold and innovative experiment.

Emilio_Estevez1828d ago

You can easily compare guns (barring you own 1 of ea and are capable of using it) in the complicated loadout screen. Select one of them and then go to replace it with the one you want to compare. It will show all the relevant info you need one on top of the other.

Basically addicted to this game if anyone wants assistance. Also if you haven't signed up you can PM me for a link to get free stuff upon joining.