This man claims to be The Phantom Pain’s Joakim Mogren

Spike TV host Geoff Keighley interviewed Moby Dick Studios boss Joakim Mogren for tonight’s new episode of GameTrailers TV.

Keighley today posted the following on Twitter: “This man claims to be Joakim Mogren of Moby Dick Studios, developer of The Phantom Pain.”

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NYC_Gamer1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

Kojima is really playing this out well.

classic2001922d ago

kojima is the biggest troll in the gaming industry, I thought gabe newell was huge but kojima as took this to another level,

Root1922d ago

You will never beat Gabe

The amount of times he's trolled us on Half Life 3 in the past 6 can't beat that

cyguration1922d ago

I believe they tie.

Gabe = American Master Troll.

Kojima = Japanese Master Troll.

user76939581922d ago

that is kojima with a very well done surgery ..
wow this guy is hardcore. lol

Outside_ofthe_Box1922d ago

I'm not understanding why Kojima is going this far lol. At this point everyone knows that The Phantom Pain is Metal Gear related and it will take hard concrete evidence to convince us otherwise.

nrvalleytime1922d ago

Kojima, you are awesome. If only more developers had this much fun with announcements.

admiralvic1922d ago

To be fair, most developers wouldn't get needed to make it matter. The only reason why people looked into The Phantom Pain so much was the seeming relation to Metal Gear Solid, which would most likely not had as much interest without that. Not saying it wouldn't be nice to see more complex reveals, but I just can't see many other companies getting anywhere near the same buzz (even with a better campaign).

RandomDude6551922d ago

If only the trolls on n4g knew how to be this subtle...then this might actually be a good site

nrvalleytime1922d ago

... says the man with one bubble. :-D

camel_toad1922d ago

If it's not a good site then what are you doing here? Got bad taste?

bunt-custardly1922d ago

Joakim Mogren appears in the phantom pain trailer now with an American accent. "On your feet soldier..."

porkChop1922d ago

So Kiefer Sutherland is Joakim Mogren.

Lionalliance1922d ago

My bet, this a taboo that Kojima is playing with.

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The story is too old to be commented.