Top Videogame Reboots of this Generation

'Rebooting a well received franchise is a big risk for a game developer to take. The typical reaction is as follows: the majority of people dig the changes they see in the reboot while others critique anything that strays from the franchise’s old ways. This generation, gamers have received a plethora of reboot games which have revived and vitalized old franchise. We’ve seen Bionic Commando, Need for Speed, Tomb Raider, Mortal Kombat and few others, but only some of them are received well by fans.' - JPS

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Bathyj1985d ago

Someone Reboot Tenchu and Psi Ops dammit. But make them good, or I will take you in the shadows.

jc485731985d ago

I thought Shadow Assassins was an interesting game, but there are things they still need to fix.

Bathyj1985d ago

I never had a PSP and no longer have a Wii otherwise I would have been all over that.

jc485731985d ago

it's an OK game. I wouldn't go crazy for it though and I don't think you are missing out on a lot of things. I guess it's been a while since Acquire has made a Tenchu game and you can see from this game that they're sort of out of touch with the ninja world.

pr0t0typeknuckles1985d ago

i agree with all of these except for DmC that is not how you reboot a franchise,but everything else was a true step in the right direction,you should also add prince of persia 08 dude,it has a few minor flaws but it captured that sands of time felling that warrior within and two thrones lacked.

Roccetarius1985d ago

DmC should be a prime example of how it shouldn't be done. Also, it helps to actually find a developer respecting the franchise, instead of insulting it from the start.

The other games on the list are better examples, but they still sacrificed exploration with Castlevania.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1984d ago

Castlevania:LOS truly an amazing game cant for LOS2 later this year.