Lego City Undercover Review | Machinima

Machinima: "This is one of my favorite games of the last few months…and, in fact, I’m having a hard time remembering the last time I had this much pure, unmitigated fun just playing, period. If you’ve got a Wii U that’s been gathering dust since you finished ZombiU and New Super Mario Bros. U, buy LEGO City Underground. That’s all there is to it."

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josephayal1808d ago

One of the best WII u time Exclusives

TuxedoMoon1808d ago

This is more like it. More and more 8s-9s for this game are popping up. Interest has increased indeed.

3-4-51807d ago

3-5 more of these and the sales will start picking up.

Once the LoZ's and Mario games and super smash brothers are released the sales will sky rocket.

exfatal1808d ago

Nice and detailed review a fan of machinima glad the agree this is a great game.