Jurassic Park Invades CryEngine 3 With Yet Another Fan-Made Game

DSOGaming writes: "It’s pretty obvious by now that PC gamers NEED a good Jurassic Park game, an FPS title that can blow our minds away, an FPS that can come as close to the first film’s environments as possible, and a game that will look as good as most modern-day titles (or even better)."

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LOL_WUT1892d ago

Awesome! The music brings up old memories.

Garrison1892d ago

Always thought this franchise is beyond perfect for a good fps.

FalconR2891892d ago

looks cool. I don't know why developers can't make a game like this.

Skynetone1892d ago

hell yeah, this looks amazing, but i did lol at the raptor, after such a epic build up it really needed a t-rex
some distance sound effects wouldn't go astray

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