ALL MY YES: Warhammer 40k Strategy Game Coming

4Player-"Indie strategy developer Slitherine has obtained the rights to produce a strategy game in the Warhammer 40k Universe from Games Workshop. To put into perspective just how awesome this is...Slitherine is the developer who has basically taken over the Close Combat series post Atomic Games, and has been focusing on hardcore strategy titles for the PC and Mobile since 2000."

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NYC_Gamer1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

This sucks because thought Sega had the license all wrapped up for Relic

Roccetarius1865d ago

Apparently Games Workshop has loosened up the licensing bits. That's why you will possibly see more games being made.

aliengmr1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

'bout time.

GiantFriendlyCrab1865d ago

ill buy keyboard and mouse if this game comes to ps4, make it happen

MattS1865d ago

Oh this is awesome. I love Slitherine.

CLOUD19831865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

Maybe this company can do a descent WH40k game with "all" the races & "all" the Space Marine Legions because I fcking want to play the most badass & ferocious legion in the WH40k universe, THE SPACE WOLVES!!!

Prepare all because the final days is close & as the legendary Primarch "Leman Russ"

( )

of SW said in his final words:

"Listen closely Brothers, for my life’s breath is all but spent. There shall come a time far from now when our Chapter itself is dying, even as I am now dying, and our foes shall gather to destroy us. Then my children, I shall listen to your call in whatever realm of death holds me, and come I shall, no matter what the laws of life or death forbid. At the end I will be there. For the final battle. For the Wolftime."

— Final words of the Primarch Leman Russ before his disappearance