Are Video Games Getting Boring?

"I seriously dislike how convenient game stories have become. The world of a game, from beginning to end, is built around you. The universe orbits you; you are it’s very epicenter. Running through decrepit ruins, thousands of years old? They’re somehow going to start collapsing when you’re in them, the exact moment you’re trying to escape. What’s that, a waterfall you’re drifting down? Don’t worry, the bottom has most likely become deep enough for you to survive, with no sign of a sharp rock that would, in reality, kill you on contact with the ground. Oh, aliens are invading Earth? No matter what game you are playing, from Halo, to Gears of War, to Resistance, to Mass Effect, you are somehow the only person in the entire squad that can save the world. It’s absolutely preposterous! Of the thousands of marines in a single-player Call of Duty campaign, you’re the only one that manages to get anything done." - Frank Falcone of

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Ezz20131863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

not for me no

i only buy the game that i like so maybe that's why i don't find them least for me

you know not every game is for you
as they say
" One man's trash is another man's treasure "

pr0t0typeknuckles1863d ago

im personally not bored,everyday im finding out about new and old games that look very interesting,now granted im getting bored of certain franchises;ike Assassins Creed,Call of Duty,Mario,etc...but once in a while an infamous,prince of persia,or beyond good and evil ,may come along,so i cant say that i myself am bored of gaming.

ritsuka6661862d ago

I feel the same way.About a year and a half ago I went through this gaming "funk" where I didn't feel like playing anything. After a while, that passed and I started enjoying games again.