Tomb Raider is a Perfect Summation of this Generation

GR's Daniel Hill writes:

With the Wii U already out, the PS4 just around the corner, and an inevitable NextBox (see what I did there?) announcement on the way, it is safe to say that this generation is on its way out. We have seen a lot of change, both good and bad, take place during this time, and some study into the types of games that have become popular speaks volumes to what this gen was all about. Crystal Dynamics, in developing their reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise, took a careful look at the current climate of video games and their influences, and created an experience that lovingly sums up and waves goodbye to this generation of games.

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ritsuka6661867d ago

Quite surprised how good this game to be turned out to be, easily one of the best action-adventure games in years IMO.

StrongMan1867d ago

The game is great but people need to just enjoy the game and stop comparing it to a better game that got a 96 on meta, sold over 6 million copies on one console, and won the most GOTY awards of any game in the history of gaming. There is no comparison.

JonahNL1867d ago

"and stop comparing it to a better game"

That has to be the worst attempt at trying to hide fanboyism in years.

classic2001867d ago

I am a big uncharted fan but skyrim is now the game with the most goty of all time.

MysticStrummer1867d ago

"skyrim is now the game with the most goty of all time."

...and that is a joke.

LessThan2Tflops1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

^^ and Skyrim (360) has the same score of 96 as Uncharted 2

And Uncharted 3 is 92, COD Modern warfare 2 is 94

Still want to use metacritic?

starchild1867d ago

Shut it, StrongMan. I know which game you are referring to and I love that series, but I like Tomb Raider even more. I don't care about your opinion or anyone else's.

Dishonored is another game I loved, but in my opinion Deus Ex Human Revolution was the better game all around and it is funny to me how Dishonored got so much recognition for being fresh, when, as good as it is, it really isn't any more innovative than some games that came before it.

The industry is funny like that. Recognition is often about timing and bandwagons more than anything inherent in the games themselves.

rezzah1866d ago

I'm not sure if it is specifically GOTY awards, more likely overall awards won in total.

It added up to something 152 or 156. The most awarded video game in history.

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Smashbro291867d ago

Slow-ish less responsive gameplay almost entirely focused on plot and production values? Yeah, I'd say that's what's popular this generation too.

FantasyStar1867d ago

Reading the article; it feels like the writer has his own head stuck up Lara's ass. There's the idea of "liking a game" and then there's the absurd-claim that this game is the epitome of a "swan song" for a generation of console gaming.

I like the game like anyone else but c'mon.

MysticStrummer1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

Yeah I can think of several more appropriate "swan song" titles that are coming later this year.

I suppose it's a perfect summation in that it's highly derivative with little that's new or sets it apart. Many games this gen were like that.

Root1867d ago

I love the game but I'm starting to feel like this is being over rated a tad now.

It's one thing to say "amazing game" but to say something like this....come on

If it wasn't a Tomb Raider game (which in my opinion it isn't as it plays nothing like one) and she wasn't called Lara Croft we wouldn't be getting articles like this.

Thatguy-3101867d ago

People are just so desperate to bring her back to the top. The more articles that pop up like these will brand the game OVERRATED and why because they're simply better games than it.

Root1867d ago

I know I think people are still stuck in the past and let nostalgia get in the way when Lara was the platforming queen. However when he games decreased in quality and Nathan Drake came into the picture it changed things.

I think people want her to be back to the top

The game is amazing but it's not Tomb's what I don't understand. Wouldn't you need to be like the old games and what the franchise was about "raiding tombs" be back on top and be a successful reboot. Tomb Raider did non of that....I mean the tombs were optional and even then the puzzles were very, very easy.

It's the first game I've completed in a while 100% without help. I got back on the island after I finished the game and found that I had done everything.

MysticStrummer1867d ago

"People are just so desperate to bring her back to the top."

A certain group of people in particular.

Imalwaysright1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

@ Root I have got to say that Lara's platforming in this game is disappointing. It mimics Uncharted on rails platforming and imo that is a negative thing. CD made what still is the best platforming in the action adventure genre on TR Legend/ Anniversary/Underworld and i hope they bring it back in the next installment.

Also i don't think you understood the idea behind this game. CD objective was not to make Lara raiding Tombs but to let us know everything she has gone through to become the adventurer she is today. Raiding tombs took a backseat this time around.

@ Mystic just like a certain group of people are constantly trying to put CD work down? Hypocrisy at its finest!

aliengmr1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )


You bring up a very good point. The game was great when viewed as a sort of, introduction. In that way I can forgive some of the "dumbed down" qualities.

However, the sequel has no excuses. And it won't get any passes from me. TR established Lara the right way, now its time to get back to the "Puzzles".

Blacklash931867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

I disagree about the platforming. She doesn't have the moves she used to (yet), but the level design and flexibility of her jumps give a lot more of a sense of freedom than Uncharted and the like. Controlling her is very nimble and smooth beyond, at least, almost every other TPS I can think of.

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aliengmr1867d ago

Can anyone explain the use of "Laura" instead of "Lara"?

I have only known it to be "Lara". Am I mistaken? Is this a "lore" thing?

I am honestly curious as I have seen this multiple times.

Freeball1867d ago

No, you got it right. It's a result of poor/no research

aliengmr1867d ago

Okay, thanks. Bubble for the reply.

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