Killzone: Shadow Fall First Look (Prima Games)

Sony and Guerrilla Games are about to come roaring into the next generation with this remarkable first-person shooter.

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ritsuka6661772d ago ShowReplies(1)
chukamachine1772d ago

ritsuka666, you sure can tell a lot from a tiny bit of footage that was shown.

I don't like RPG'S. They bore me to tears, but I have no probs with people that like them.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1772d ago

Isn't it funny how the 1 bubble people still make dumb comments? Don't they realize they might bubble up if not for "constant" stupid comments?

IRetrouk1772d ago

Bubbles dont go up unless you stick to one camp or the other, my bubs have been at 2 for years now :-(, oh well i suppose

Ghost_of_Tsushima1772d ago

Yea I've been at 2 bubbles for a while now. Bad thing is even if you say something logical but a fanboy hates it then they attact you =\

IRetrouk1771d ago

Yep we are the 2bubpeps, im not always right but i dont troll, i give my view on things wether right or wrong, i would love more bubbles though because sometimes you may have to explaine what you mean more clearly. Bubs for responce :-)