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Killzone: Shadow Fall First Look (Prima Games)

Sony and Guerrilla Games are about to come roaring into the next generation with this remarkable first-person shooter. (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

ritsuka666   504d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
chukamachine  +   504d ago
ritsuka666, you sure can tell a lot from a tiny bit of footage that was shown.

I don't like RPG'S. They bore me to tears, but I have no probs with people that like them.
The_Infected  +   504d ago
Isn't it funny how the 1 bubble people still make dumb comments? Don't they realize they might bubble up if not for "constant" stupid comments?
IRetrouk  +   504d ago
Bubbles dont go up unless you stick to one camp or the other, my bubs have been at 2 for years now :-(, oh well i suppose
The_Infected  +   503d ago
Yea I've been at 2 bubbles for a while now. Bad thing is even if you say something logical but a fanboy hates it then they attact you =\
IRetrouk  +   503d ago
Yep we are the 2bubpeps, im not always right but i dont troll, i give my view on things wether right or wrong, i would love more bubbles though because sometimes you may have to explaine what you mean more clearly. Bubs for responce :-)

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