StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Review | The Guardian

The Guardian: "So undoubtedly this is a great (if tardy) addition to the Starcraft legacy. The single player campaign can be breezed through on easy setting, but this doesn't detract from some truly massive levels, packed with multiple objectives and considerable replay value. And when you get to the bosses, the struggles are epic and gorgeously animated. Is HOTS as surprising and welcome as WoL once seemed? Maybe not – it basically looks and feels like the same game (not necessarily a bad thing), the story takes us nowhere particularly new and the bland voice acting has, if anything, has got worse. However, for RTS fans starved of major releases, PC fans increasingly abandoned for exclusive IPs and, of course, Starcraft fans in their millions, HotS is a massive slice of expertly crafted, beautifully balanced and totally tactical gameplay."

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