Editorial: The SimCity rap – a crime against rhyme

This week, Split Screen takes a quirky look at SimCity’s troubled launch. Sean Knight and Aenne Schumann lash out lyrics in P2R’s first rap battle and it is up to you to decide who won!

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Godmars2901892d ago

Want to say this might be better as a podcast where you could hear instead of read the raps - but really - who am I kidding?

SeanDKnight1892d ago

You don't want to hear me rap. Your ears would bleed...

acidbrn1892d ago

Yes! We must hear them rap.

thequadskater1892d ago

Lets get Sean on the podcast, Andrew can do the rap sounds, it will be awesome!

PeachyAenne1892d ago

The crowd has spoken Sean! We must record it. FOR SCIENCE! !

onediversekid1892d ago

As P2R's resident rapper, I will help you achieve this!

thequadskater1892d ago

I totally agree with aenne's take on SimCity, BY THE WAY

Virus601892d ago

I could actually time out the beats as I read the lyrics. Well done budding mic slammers.