I Think I Owe PlayStation All-Stars An Apology

Cheat Code Central's Josh Wirtanen writes: "Ultimately, there are a lot of good things about PlayStation All-Stars that I had missed in my initial, incredibly brief play session. As I watch the game struggle in terms of sales figures, I can’t help but feel a bit guilty about shrugging the game off for as long as I did."

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toxic-inferno1896d ago

While I'm not a journalist, I've got to say that I know the feeling. I played the Beta, and was not at all impressed. But the more I've played of it, the more I realise that it's a bit of a tragedy that it didn't do as well as it should have done.

guitarded771896d ago

It's addictive fun... I only wish there were more game modes. I'm not even a huge fighting game fan (I realize this is not a traditional fighter), so I know the game can appeal to a wide variety of gamers if they'd give it a shot. It's $40 for the PS3 and Vita versions right now, and I thought it was worth the $60 I payed at launch. I wasn't impressed with the beta either, but when I got the full game, it was great because I had a full roster, and there are so many unlocks.

toxic-inferno1896d ago

Yeah, I'm the same. Never really played another fighting game in my life. But a few more game modes would certainly be good. Just some simple minigame based modes would be excellent, like having to collect LBP Bubbles that appear around the stage faster than your opponent would be great.

Jobesy1896d ago

If anyone wants a dlc code for Isaac and Zeus from GOW Ascension pm me, I'm not going to use it. I'll send it to you later when I get home from work.

TheUndertaker851896d ago

I'm the same. Fighters aren't exactly my cup of tea but I do at least try what looks interesting. I got All-Stars for Christmas from my father-in-law. I incidentally liked the beta but wasn't fully convinced. The PS3-PSVita combo got me to at least add it to my Christmas list. Redeemed my Vita copy when I got back home and played enough to platinum the Vita version and started on PS3. Still need to finish my plat on PS3 but was actually pretty impressed with All-Stars all around enough to warrant the PS3 play through too.

DLC coming in is good too. I hope they continue to work on the title and DLC as there's a lot of potential already there.

Killzoner991896d ago

I've known since this game was announced that it would be the best fighter of the year. I also knew that most of the COD drones would never touch it. That's just the industry today. COD sells millions but innovative and original games like Playstation All Stars get ignored. That just shows you there aren't many TRUE gamers left anymore.

VitaOwner1896d ago

I'm glad you are starting to enjoy the game! Better late than never. I've played this game online almost everyday since the game released and the game is as much of a blast to play as it was day one.

TheGrimOfDeath1896d ago

I can't seem to play online or versus matches. I just need one more trophy and I can't get it because I always get kicked from versus matches when someone invites me and vice versa. One trophy, Friendly Competition.

Damn it Super Bot, making my OCD go worse.

VitaOwner1896d ago

That was a problem but it was fixed with the second to last patch we got. It does sometime occasionally occur though, mainly if someone is trying to invite someone on the ps3 while on the vita and vice versa. Although it occurs very rarely now as opposed to quite a lot of times like in the past.

HarryMasonHerpderp1896d ago

The game has its flaws but I've had a lot of fun with it and still play it every now and then.
It's a solid fighting game and considering it's a brand new IP I think they did a great job.
I really hope we see a sequel one day.

PSVita1896d ago

I'm sure it's a great game but I was really hoping for a 3D fighter like project verse J. I wish the had a demo cause I'm considering it.

abzdine1896d ago

journalism nowadays are fighting to be the first to give the info, no matter if it's false or true.

PSAS is a very very fun game for EVERYBODY.

admiralvic1896d ago

Thats how journalism has always been...

DigitalRaptor1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

Really? I wouldn't say so at all. Back in the days of print, journalists wrote about the facts and presented fair reviews without so much bias as today's hit-driven blog Internet culture.

Far too many journalists these days don't play games enough to be able to present a fair analysis, make pointless comparisons, and use pre-conceived notions and overwhelming personal opinion instead of presenting facts.

To most of these journalists, PSAS was a "Smash Bros rip off" and they couldn't get past that to give it a review based on its own merits. What kind of journalists are these?

admiralvic1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

@ DigitalRaptor

I was speaking in general, which is why we have the term "Yellow Journalism". Very interesting subject if you look it up. (One that has been noted for 100+ years)

As far as the rest of it goes, I rather not get in a debate on this subject. While there are some people like you mention, there are also a few good people too. Ultimately a lot of this comes down to how you read their actions. Like I noticed critics had mostly valid concerns over Smash Bros (dated menu, lack of modes, special system), where as the community wanted a more Smash Bros like experience.

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