Sony Santa Monica on PS4′s potential, and what it means for game development

Edge:Though he’s had little hands-on experience with PS4, Simon can nevertheless explain why all the talk of creating games on PS4 suggests it’ll be easier to code for. “Generally you have to write a lot of low-level code in order to work with architecture from PS2 and PS3 and then you go to this standard that everybody is programming with on PS4,” he says. “So what that means is it frees a lot of people to stop thinking about low-level code. Obviously it was a strength of the PS3 because the sub-processor was a badass, but it took a lot of work to use the full architecture of the PS3. But now by using something that’s more common across all of programming land, that frees up time, and programmers with freed up time can make better tools and that’s going to make for better games.”

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alousow1978d ago

This E3 going to be one of the best.

DivineAssault 1978d ago

yessir it is.. great games & a new system or 2.. or 3.. that shield handheld, ps4, maybe nxbox, games, games, GAMES for current & nx gen.. its going to be great

piroh1978d ago

i think every E3 is great at least for Sony, but yeah this year will be mind blowing

Ezz20131978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

what they have done on ps3 make me scared of what they will do on ps4

i never thought i would see something top GOW3 and uncharted 3 GFX on consoles
but ascension took it to another level

god of war ascension already look CG on ps3 jaw drop all the way and the final battle is out of this world @[email protected]

what they will do on ps4 will look scary good *droooool*

jacksheen00001978d ago


god of war ascension final boss fight was incredible.

I was completely blown away on how well the back ground music were in sync with the game play.

Can't wait to see what santa monica dev can do with the PS4 hardware.

E3 can't come soon enough.

zAlchemist1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

HEEEELLLL YEAAA i cant wait for E3.

Bellcross1978d ago

That textured grip on the controller got me thinking, how likely is it that Sony allow wireless charging?

It's far-fetch I know, maybe I'm just crazy.

BitbyDeath1978d ago

On charging they have mentioned you can charge the controller while the PS4 is in standby mode which is pretty cool.

GribbleGrunger1978d ago

Funnily enough it has been rumoured that the new controller has wireless charging. I'm also wondering whether we'll get more localised rumble.

... as well as a flip up screen. (if I say it often enough it will happen!)

Walker1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

SSM's next-gen game will blow our mind, CGI level graphics !

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