Edge- StarCraft 2: Heart Of The Swarm Review

Edge:There’s a moment in Heart Of The Swarm’s campaign when its star, Sarah Kerrigan, asks her Zerg chief scientist whether he is aiming for perfection with his genetic experimentation. No, he replies, he isn’t. Perfection is never possible, because it’s forever a moving goal, and so he’s consigned to merely follow it. Sure, it’s spoken by a dripping sexual organ of a character in one of the most deliriously schlocky games in recent memory, but it’s an idea that gets to the heart of StarCraft’s multiplayer. Broadly, it hasn’t changed in 15 years, and yet it still hasn’t lost any of its capacity to entrap players and spectators within its dizzyingly complex interplay of unit abilities and human skill. As time passes, strategies are revised and meld, new tactics become standard plays, and rediscoveries of past successes undercut those of today and in turn become popular again. StarCraft, for its players, is a constantly shifting battleground where perfection always lies tantalisingly out of reach.

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