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Vince from Awesome Games writes: 'We have all heard the sounds of thousands of paying customers – and video game journalists for that matter – screaming about EA’s utter failure to provide the product that they promised. With the reboot of the SimCity franchise, an always-on internet connection is indeed required – even for single player – evoking memories of last year’s rocky Diablo III launch. EA Maxis are in the midst of probably the worst public relations crisis in the history of both companies.'

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Godmars2902106d ago

Given what's coming out about this game in the wake of the launch failure, that the servers aren't always online, the game AI fudges numbers, I wonder if reviewers are going to have to reevaluate their scores.

Also hearing that people have figured out how to play it off line and thus pirate it defeating the DRM.

And EA is only giving excuse for people to do so.

Kurt Russell2105d ago

I want to play it, but there is no point with the current DRM rubbish. I won't buy it until I can play it offline... If piracy allows me to do that and purchasing does not I have a feeling I will go down that avenue.

abradley2105d ago

Agree, as long as people have bought the game I don't see why those same people can't play the craked version instead. A nice side swipe at EA. XD

fermcr2105d ago

The game is not cracked. Just because some guy played the game offline for 15-20 min doesn't mean the game is cracked.

It might get cracked in the future, but for now it's not cracked.