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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance: 5 Reasons The Story Sucks

"Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (MGRR) was Hideo Kojima’s, famed director behind the Metal Gear series, first foray into the hack and slash territory with a Metal Gear game. " | Explosion.com (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Nyxus  +   943d ago
I don't see how the villains (and thereby the child soldier plot element) were humanized and justified. Weren't they all just evil and 'bat shit insane'? Compared to other MGS characters they were pretty straightforward in their wickedness.
zAlchemist  +   943d ago
this game is a knock off Devil May Cry
x5exotic  +   943d ago
New DmC is possibly the worst game I've ever played, so don't even try to glorify it.

Inb4 succubus rage
TheGOODKyle  +   943d ago
Fail troll is obvious
zAlchemist  +   943d ago
its better than metal gear revengeance it sucks everything about it is garbage. DMC is good and looks good
valormeer  +   943d ago
Your troll was bad and you should feel bad.
zAlchemist  +   943d ago
How was that trolling? its an opinion.
1nsaint  +   943d ago
Why? Because it's an hack and slash?

Then dante's inferno, bayonetta and ninja gaiden are also DMC rip-offs in your eyes.

Compared to most of that genre games the gameplay is more original then most hack and slash games, with the whole cutting objects in half thing.
Heisenburger  +   943d ago
"...an hack and slash?"

1nsaint  +   943d ago
@heisenburger lol i've always thought games where you walk around in 3rd person making combo's and countering where called hack and slash.

Hmm i'll call it 3rd person action adventure platformers from now on then :P
rdgneoz3  +   943d ago
@1nsaint I think the giggle was over your grammar. "A hack and slash", not "AN hack and slash."
1nsaint  +   942d ago
@rdgneoz3 ah ok, maybe the people that disagreed forgive me if i tell im dutch :p
My english grammar isn't perfect, i dont even know the difference between a and an xD
braydox21  +   938d ago
OMG we've got the same avater albeit yours looks to be at a higher quality.... :)
BlaqMagiq24  +   943d ago
I think it's the other way around.
HammadTheBeast  +   943d ago
And God of War beats all.
wanieldiik  +   943d ago
the whole game was a disappointment. I really hope platinum games doesn't get the chance to do a metal gear game ever again.
betan21  +   943d ago
Yep i was only into the gameplay other than that i was like WHAT???
baldulf  +   943d ago
Terrible final boss? This guy is clueless.
J0Scorpionake  +   943d ago
I think story is the weakest aspect of Rising, and being a Metal Gear fan thats disapopinting but I have to say that, as a spin-off, I think the gameplay and the stylized segments made Rising more positive than a negative installment.
Stigma0080  +   943d ago
You don't have to like this game if you don't want to.

I like the game, its a spin off and i totally understand that. Kojima himself told us so I'm fine
SeraphimBlade  +   943d ago
I'm definitely not willing to argue that the story is on par with MGS. I agree with the poor use of Raiden's past, and "Jack the Ripper" essentially being reduced to a Devil Trigger mechanic.

But, I think the problem is less that it's a dark game that gets too silly, and more that it's a silly game that tries to be too dark. Platinum (and Kojipro, when they want to) do silly extremely well. Which is why I LOVE the final boss in all its goofiness. I also really didn't see the villains being humanized, except Sam for a little bit.

And a disconnect between story and gameplay?! In a Metal Gear game?! Developed by Platinum?!! Whaaaaaaaaat? (Not that that's good. Just, expected.)
PhoenixRising37  +   943d ago
If you ask me, MGS3 and 4 were flawless games. i don't think there was anything wrong with either of them. Hideo Kojima had little to no involvement with the production of Rising. Hideo didn't want to have anything to do with the game unless it was about grey fox, but the staff wanted to do raiden. Remember how nervous he was when they first presented MGR at E3? that's because he didn't like the concept of this game. Hideo trusted his staff with the game while he went off to do whatever the heck the next MGS is. I really wasn't a fan of the MGR story either but i still enjoyed it.
MattyG  +   943d ago
Do we really need an article giving 5 reasons for this? Nobody claimed that the story was fantastic, in fact many reviews pointed out the poor story. I hope articles being posted about things we already knew weeks ago doesn't become a trend... oh, wait...
Mouktouk  +   943d ago
The real problem with Metal Gear Rising is within it's name: Metal Gear.
If it was just a random Platinum Games title, it would be a good one. Not as good as Bayonetta, but not as bad as Anarchy Reigns.

But when you play a Metal Gear game, you have a certain level of expectations about its quality, just like for a Gran Turismo or a Halo game.

You expect it to:
- be a visual masterpiece: Rising is not;
- have a complex yet believable story: Rising doesn't have that;
- hold your breath with plot twists: Rising doesn't have that either;
- play along a high quality original soundtrack: Rising just offer you some messy rock trash;
- hide a subtle anti-nuclear message and offer you a moral over your own life: Rising is just "Don't f***ing mess with Raiden, he's too badass !";

I just can't say how disappointed I was when I finished the game, laughing at how the pathetic bosses are, especially the last one. Not gameplay-wise, they were ok, Monsoon was challenging for example, but they cruelly lack of background or context, and that's what was already criticized about MGS4's B&B squad.

Metal Gear Rising is just a slash'em all, with few Metal Gear winks here and there, betting everything on the badass and nothing on the story (and this is especially considering the potential of Raiden's story) or the gameplay.

And I know following my comment, I'll receive a wave of disagrees, just like anyone criticizing Metal Gear Rising, but I assume my feelings regarding this game.
booni3  +   943d ago
There are so many things wrong with this post I almost don't know where to begin.

1. There's nothing wrong with the name, it's set in the Metal Gear universe so "Metal Gear" appearing in the title is appropriate.

2. "Random Platinum Games title"... this remark really doesn't make sense to me...care to elaborate?

3. Anarchy Reigns is awesome, fail moar.

4. "Believable story" and "Metal Gear" really shouldn't be mentioned in the same breath, I lol'd

5. The soundtrack in Rising is far from "messy rock trash", it relies on rock far less than most games in the genre and is mostly ambient, aural and techno

6. There was definitely an underlying moral in the game and it pointed more at the bastardization of brutal, bloody war into a profitable business - or of the exploiting of war for profit and or political gain. Just because you didn't realize this subtle message or " a moral over your own life" doesn't mean they weren't present.

7. The last boss and most of the bosses before him were very challenging, especially on greater difficulties

8. "Rising is just a slash'em all" - Yes, it's a hack'n'slash game and slashing them all is what tends to comprise the bulk of the game-play in hack'n'slash titles. It never pretended to be a creeping and sneaking Metal Gear Solid title so what is the point of this comment?

9. "And I know following my comment, I'll receive a wave of disagrees" - then perhaps you should have used that foresight to write a comment that wasn't so weak and founded on little more than your own rage.

10. This comment sickens me.
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TuxedoMoon  +   943d ago
Anarchy Reigns was a good game at best. It really needed an offline 4 player mode to make it the next Power Stone like brawler. That's what really killed the game for me, only online multiplayer. I blame Sega for not letting Platinum games update the game to have an offline mode.

Rising's music was amazing and made the game even more fun! Best soundtrack of the year so far, imo.
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fossa  +   943d ago
Ehhh im a hardcore mgs fan and to be honest the story in Revengeance is extremely bad. I still enjoyed the game it was a nice break from original mgs games and i even think it's better than Dmc.
boybato  +   943d ago
Indeed, It is in fact a welcome change from MGS's "stealth" gameplay...

Story aside, I am satisfied how the game turned out albeit Platinum should have added more Easter eggs. Love those in every metal gear game.
TuxedoMoon  +   943d ago
Story wise? Yes. This game is pretty average at best. I'd argue that the story IS NOT this game's strength, it's the gameplay, music, and scenarios. Does every Metal Gear game have to have a super detailed story and be a stealth game? Nope! Metal Gear RISING is a spin off. Just Like how Mario was never a story centric game, but his spin off rpg games do focus on a story.

I don't love Bayonetta and Vanquish because they had elaborate and amazing stories, I like them because they were roller coaster rides. Same with older games like Donkey Kong Country or the Castlevania games. Several games can stand on their own 2 feet just on game play alone.

If you have issues with the story, then blame Kojima. His team were the ones that worked on the story, not Platinum games.
Stallion  +   943d ago
Platnium games was never praised for being great storytellers or graphical designers. They make GREAT GAMEPLAY. And that's what MGR was.
Temporary  +   943d ago
let haters hate, they always will. But this is one of the best action games ive played for YEARS.
Welcome2Die  +   943d ago
This game is essentially the "Dirge of Cerberus" of Metal Gear Solid....
Samuel-Rodrigues  +   942d ago
Personally the only problem i had with the narrative of this game is the fact that i got killed off...
BlaqMagiq24  +   942d ago
Don't worry you're coming back as DLC.
iMaim  +   942d ago
No way dude, the final boss was amazing!
Stempel  +   942d ago
Game was great and extremely fun (and I'm a MGS fan).
Looking forward to MGR 2.
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braydox21  +   938d ago
I think people have forgotton one importent thing this is rising not solid, and this is essentially the first time the Metal gear series has done something different other then a stealth focused game. I mean like in what other sword game do you acutally get to cut stuff, i spent about 10 minutes seeing how many pieces i can cut a pole/tree/a window. this game was fun, although i felt some things were over the top such as the metal gear fight at the start and the metal gear fight at the end (spoiler) where he uses the piece of the MG to finish it off. but whoo cares it was so much fun.
Hergula  +   938d ago
Yet again a terrible list is created and very few people actually see that. It is a top 5 list of just why a random dude doesnt like a game, no legit reason behind anything besides ridiculous rambling.

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