Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance: 5 Reasons The Story Sucks

"Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (MGRR) was Hideo Kojima’s, famed director behind the Metal Gear series, first foray into the hack and slash territory with a Metal Gear game. " |

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Nyxus1985d ago

I don't see how the villains (and thereby the child soldier plot element) were humanized and justified. Weren't they all just evil and 'bat shit insane'? Compared to other MGS characters they were pretty straightforward in their wickedness.

zAlchemist1985d ago

this game is a knock off Devil May Cry

x5exotic1985d ago

New DmC is possibly the worst game I've ever played, so don't even try to glorify it.

Inb4 succubus rage

zAlchemist1985d ago

its better than metal gear revengeance it sucks everything about it is garbage. DMC is good and looks good

valormeer1985d ago

Your troll was bad and you should feel bad.

zAlchemist1985d ago

How was that trolling? its an opinion.

1nsaint1985d ago

Why? Because it's an hack and slash?

Then dante's inferno, bayonetta and ninja gaiden are also DMC rip-offs in your eyes.

Compared to most of that genre games the gameplay is more original then most hack and slash games, with the whole cutting objects in half thing.

Heisenburger1985d ago

" hack and slash?"


1nsaint1985d ago

@heisenburger lol i've always thought games where you walk around in 3rd person making combo's and countering where called hack and slash.

Hmm i'll call it 3rd person action adventure platformers from now on then :P

rdgneoz31985d ago

@1nsaint I think the giggle was over your grammar. "A hack and slash", not "AN hack and slash."

1nsaint1985d ago

@rdgneoz3 ah ok, maybe the people that disagreed forgive me if i tell im dutch :p
My english grammar isn't perfect, i dont even know the difference between a and an xD

braydox211981d ago

OMG we've got the same avater albeit yours looks to be at a higher quality.... :)

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wanieldiik1985d ago

the whole game was a disappointment. I really hope platinum games doesn't get the chance to do a metal gear game ever again.

betan211985d ago

Yep i was only into the gameplay other than that i was like WHAT???

baldulf1985d ago

Terrible final boss? This guy is clueless.

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The story is too old to be commented.