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GR: "Nintendo and Traveler's Tales hope to book 'em in the latest Lego romp. Can they arrest any prospective Wii U owners or does Lego City fall apart piece by piece?"

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ftwrthtx1199d ago

Great review and I love the punny blurb on this post.

alexcosborn1199d ago

Awesome! Glad to see a quality game for the Wii U!

Wedge191199d ago

Now how long does it take to bring it to other systems?

TrendyGamers1199d ago

If it's like Rayman Legends, 7 months.

Wedge191199d ago

Here's to hoping... AS bad as I would feel taking it from Wii U...

doctorstrange1199d ago

First you build em up, then you knock em down

knifefight1199d ago

Should be called "Lego Sim City Undercover" and they should battle a gang called the DRM Boys.