American teenagers, abuse and trash-talking killed online chat and team-work

Opinion - PSU examines why people don't use headsets as much anymore in the online servers of Xbox 360 and PS3.

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mi_titan271654d ago

one of the reasons i dropped xbox live

TheFallenAngel1654d ago

Its the same on psn. Not as bad but pretty bad.

Cam9771654d ago

No it isn't. The people with mics bought their mic optionally; thus, one would assume it was purchased for use with friends. I rarely come across people calling me abusive words, infact, the last time I played BF3 most of my team's squads had small groups of friends maturely talking with one-another.

sergons1654d ago

My advice,never post on n4g anything bad about ps3,sony(even if it's true)or u will be attacked by sony fanboys.

TheFallenAngel1654d ago

@ Sergon
But I am a PS fanboy. Not a blind fanboy like others. I also enjoy other consoles but nothing like a PS3.

shoddy1654d ago

I don't see why some guy brag about everyone have mic on xlive.
It's just to have more guys to mute.

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TacoTaru1654d ago

Too bad that instead of "reporting" someone we aren't given the option of pressing a button that would send a current to the offending headset strong enough to fry the electronics.

Reborn1654d ago

"Party chat means that for me, there is zero trash talk or abuse on Xbox Live."

That's hardly relevant. It happens, it happens on every platform. There is plenty of users with a mic on PS3. But most probably mute everyone, except the players their in a party with/those with no mics.

1654d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.