Vault Play: Demon's Souls

Splitkick: With the 2013 gaming season recently underway, and the announcement of the Playstation 4, I felt now was the right time to revisit a classic PS3 exclusive: the highly lauded Demon’s Souls. Notorious for its extreme difficulty, it is still considered by many to be one of the best ARPG’s of this generation.

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DivineAssault 1949d ago

Its definitely the best arpg this gen.. I never played a game that had my heart pumping the way this did when approaching a new boss

MysticStrummer1949d ago

My favorite game of the generation, regardless of genre. It kept me tense like no game ever has.

GameSpawn1949d ago

Arguably one of the best games this (or any) generation. I still never describe this game as hard to anyone, just punishing. It just really punishes you for being stupid and careless. If you pace yourself this game can be very fun, entertaining, and an all around rewarding experience. If you try to run into every situation head first you'll snap your controller by night's end.

"Grinding" is the key. Getting your stats as close to 40 each within the first couple games will give you a great advantage and make some of the more difficult situations much more bearable. Trust me when I say that you still are NOT a tank at this level, bosses and key strong enemies in certain environments (giant depraved ones in the swamp) can still wipe the floor with you if you aren't careful enough to take advantage of the situation, the enemy's attack pattern, and the enemy's weaknesses.

Hell, you never will truly become a tank at higher levels, you'll just be allowed to screw up more often and still recover safely.

StrawberryDiesel4201949d ago

I grinded for hours and hours against the skeleton warriors and I loved it. Favorite game this generation for me.

bluetoto1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

I could'nt have said it better! I love this game, both souls games actually but Demon's has my heart.

"Just do yourself a favor and don’t be too proud to read a wiki or watch a Youtube video if you get stuck"

Spot on from the author as it helps great deal. I made the mistake of diving into DarkS blindly and it cost me a ton of time. I hope when they mean "accessible" they mean we won't have to spend hours looking up where to find needed resources for upgrades and such.

"Grinding" is the key"

I spent the first 20-35 hours of the game just grinding souls and leveling up stats. It's my opinion that the balance is so off to extend what would be a short game as that's a bit long just to give yourself a decent chance at surviving the enemies but it's worth it to not die after one or two hits.

I'd also say upgrading your weapons as much as you can as fast as you can greatly helps. Big difference between a standard weapon and a upgraded one. Again, one of those things researching uncovered for me.

"I still never describe this game as hard to anyone, just punishing."

I've said this a thousand times, hard is when the A.I. is constantly changing tactics, constantly throwing new and unpredictable combos, not spawning in the same spot once you die, not using the same 2 or 3 combos over and over and certainly not when most of the A.I. can be blocked and beaten from behind, once you learn the predictable patterns. Just a slight knock but it was their first arpg I believe?

"you never will truly become a tank at higher levels, you'll just be allowed to screw up more often and still recover safely."

Spot on again and it was at this point that you are able to fully explore the combat, which is AWESOME btw. At low levels most will play it safe and use the same moves over and over that allow them to survive.
Once you can take a couple of more hits is when you can try parrying more and tons of new combat options. I spent 15 hours blocking before I tried parrying again, after losing tons of souls the first time.

Great game, love the series, just wish they would provide more options so more people can join in on the fun.

Number-Nine1949d ago

I have this as the best RPG i've played this gen. Also it's has the best gameplay, multiplayer, and is my 2nd favorite game this gen.

It's truly a remarkable game that is very different.

jon12341949d ago

im glad people recognize demon souls as the better of the two, i hate seeing everyone praise dark souls for being better, but demon souls is where its at :)

MEsoJD1949d ago

I disagree and I've sunk in hundreds of hours into both, but that's just my opinion.

jon12341949d ago

Yeah it's all a matter of opinion, but I feel that dark souls just tried to hard, to be hard haha, demons souls did a very good job at making you fear dying, for instances, if you were invaded by a phantom, in demon souls, it was exciting, and scary at the same time, if that phantom kills you, he takes your souls and their gone for good, in dark souls it was just like, oh the phantom killed me? It's ok I had a check point not to far from here I'll just go pick up my souls...

Another thing I hate that they took away, was the soul form health, being in soul form meant you wouldn't be invaded, but u had half of your health bar, but in dark souls a hollow and human have equal amounts of health, kinda defeated the purpose of Picking a state.

Oh and not to mention the countless of glitches dark souls had... I had 3 mini boss enemies all die on their own because they clipped something...

Dark souls just disappointed :(

cpayne931948d ago

Dark Souls had some cheap deaths, that was my main problem with it. Demon's Souls I almost always felt my death was fair, but not always in dark sould, remember that treasure chest that would eat you? How were we supposed to avoid that? Stuff like that bugs me, and the game had some serious framerate issues. Demon's Souls was a better game overall, probably in my top 3 games of all time.

izumo_lee1949d ago

People tend to compare Demon's Souls to Dark Souls & rightly so but for me Demon's Souls has the better story & characters.

First time you boot up the game & to hear that epic music while the dragon flies over head you knew you were in for a ride. Than you have memorable characters like the Maiden in Black, the crusty old merchant, even the 'bad guys' were some of the most memorable with the Maiden Astrea & her knight....that music during that battle....oh so good.

For PS3 fans seeing Dark Souls was cool but we've seen it before in Demon's Souls & pretty much knew what to expect. I didn't have the same reactions with Dark that i had playing Demon's. The game just has this aura around it that when playing it for the first time or 100th it still captures you everytime.