GamesBeat: Lego City: Undercover is Grand Theft Auto for kids (review)

Lego City: Undercover is a very silly but rewarding romp that proves how well the Wii U’s GamePad functions as a tool as well as a controller. Despite the predictable loading hiccups and the inevitable technical pitfalls of an open world, Undercover delivers a sanitized sandbox experience that doesn’t require violence or explicit dialogue to make its point.

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deantak1982d ago

lego should be all about building.

Sadie21001982d ago

That second screenshot in the review certainly doesn't make it look like a kid-friendly game.

Caligula1982d ago

He's about to slap on some cuffs, man!

darkronin2291982d ago

The devs have this Lego thing down to a science. What's next? A Lego fighting game?

Gungnir1982d ago

My son would probably love this. Too bad I don't have a Wii U.

wita1982d ago

Reading about the dialogue "humor" makes me want to crush some Legos. LOADING TIMES AREN'T FUNNY.