Need for Speed Most Wanted U Trailer

Here is EA's new trailer for the WiiU version of Most Wanted, showing off the co-driver mode:

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falcon791985d ago

It's good but it only shows co-op mode or father and son mode it should show other modes because its well done.

zalanis1985d ago

wow I'm getting this game regardless but would've bought it cuz tht ad. too good. I think more games, not just on WiiU should advertise the fun factor.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1985d ago

Great, maybe now
will upload a WiiU NFS Video...

Nevers0ft1985d ago

Not that it particularly wows me, but it does something that many game adverts don't do - it shows you what the damned game looks like! With many game adverts being mostly CGI with a nanosecond of actual gameplay footage I have to say I approve of this ads somewhat "radical" approach...

... The ad is wasted on me though, I've already got this pre-ordered :)

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