Pokémon Wii U Game Follows in Skylanders' Footsteps

Pokémon Rumble is heading to Wii U, and it's bringing NFC support and a whole bunch of collectible toys along for the ride.

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lilbroRx1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

I hope not. I "HATE" saturation in the industry. It sickens me when people suggest that company/game needs to mimic another. If I wanted Skylanders I would play Skylanders. When I buy pokemon, I want to play "pokemon".

What we need is more "ORIGINALITY". The next Pokemon on the Wii U should "not" follow in Skylanders footsteps or any other ames. It should create new footsteps on its own and lead the way into the future.

Whymii1802d ago

I agree.

Mixing parts of different games together is like mixing paint. If you're not careful you end up with a brownish mess.

colonel1791802d ago

I agree! It happens with everything. Call of Duty sells millions, everybody starts doing military shooters. They need to think about games that will be innovative and risk it, than just look at what sells and just copy it.

If what developers are saying about the PS4 being so easy to develop for, there should be more innovation this gen, and not more "copy-paste" games.

Jek_Porkins1802d ago

I actually like the idea, when I saw Skylanders I immediately thought how cool it would be with Pokemon.

colonel1791802d ago

Pokemon franchise is really fitting to this kind of gameplay, but I wish we had a full 3D (polygons) Pokemon. I dream of a Pokemon game where you have this huge land with towns, everything in 3D (like Final Fantasy, Oblivion but in third person, etc) and you have Pokemon all over the world, walking, running, flying, attacking at you, and then have battles like in Pokemon Stadium but with actually hitting each other like the cartoon series.

Maybe the power of the Wii U is not enough for a game like that. (Or maybe it is with cartoonish graphics like Naruto UNS or Zelda WW), but Nintendo need to make one. They would become the richest company in the world with just that game.

Y_51501802d ago

Me, You, and many others dream of the same dream. One day, it'll happen.

IRetrouk1802d ago

Ever since playing pokemin yellow i have wanted a proper 3d version, would be epic

HexxedAvenger1802d ago

Blasted Nintendo.... They have a strong enough console for it, they have the fan base for it. If Nintendo is in a hole, I believe this is one of the games that can pull them out.

Qrphe1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

>Sony releases PS Move
>"Wiimote ripoff!"
>Nintendo releases NintyLanders
>"It's so good and creative!"

I'm calling it, people will defend and praise the hell out of this upcoming game.

WeAreLegion1802d ago

PLEASE don't make me buy a different figure for each Pokemon. There are HUNDREDS of those little freaks. I'm not buying this, if that's the case.

Is it so hard to make an RPG based on the original television show? Really? Is it? Even if it were open world and you happen to run into the same characters, that would be great. Really...just give us Pokemon Yellow in a full 3D world with more interactions, more paths, and a more dynamic battle system, more like Level 5's JRPG battle system.

That's never going to happen though. :/

LKHGFDSA1802d ago

dammit, too childish!!

and why the hell are they even using the chibi models for the pokemon? I thought they were only made for the older platforms where they couldn't use too much space and stuff.

HexxedAvenger1802d ago

I guess it got a steady fan base.

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