Xbox 720 Facebook page: Microsoft's official response

There has been a new Xbox 720, or rather Xbox Infinity, Facebook page that has been sending out ridiculous posts claiming that if people like its page and share a certain photo, then they will be entered into a drawing to possibly test and receive a new Xbox 720, but Microsoft has responded.

According to an exclusive response to an inquiry from today, Microsoft has shot down any affiliation with the Xbox Infinity site that has surfaced on Facebook.

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KillrateOmega1899d ago

People actually thought that this was legit? Jeez...

badvlad1899d ago Show
VoiceMale1899d ago

u would be surprised by how many ppl would think that is real or their curiosity would lead them to partake......

the REAL question is when r we gonna get some kinda official news on the next xbox?

CC-Tron1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Xbox Infinity.

JeffGUNZ1898d ago

Probably a majority of average gamers who don't go to gaming sites on a daily basis.