Microsoft acquire Pando, mention June console launch

It sounds like Microsoft are aiming for a June launch for their next gen console, according to a business magazine.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1715d ago

Are we talking about launching the actual console in June or just revealing it?

CustardTrout1715d ago

" launch of the new Xbox gaming console is expected in June, "

Ghost_of_Tsushima1715d ago

That's pretty awesome! Well if that's true they need to hurry up and reveal the console and build up marketing fast.

darthv721715d ago

From reading:

It sounds very much like bittorrent. So maybe their idea for the nextbox will be about quicker downloads and possibly stream loading of games or other content from not only the servers but other users.


InMyOpinion1715d ago

It's Google translated. Most probably it's the announcement, and not retail launch.

gaffyh1715d ago

"Launch" in this case, means announcement. It is the same way with the PS4, many journalists called it the "launch" i.e. BBC, but Kaz replied saying it wasn't really a launch.

Outside_ofthe_Box1715d ago

They are not launching it at June lol. This just means just that they are going to reveal it at E3. I was really hoping for the April reveal to be true though.

kneon1715d ago


So they want to use up your bandwidth rather then pay for better servers?

Raf1k11715d ago

If it's true they're rushing to get it out before the PS4 which could prove to be bad.

I don't want them rushing out the Xbox only to end up with a poorly built machine. When people buy a console they don't want to be having to replace it soon after.

shoddy1715d ago

Hopefully they don't rush too much to make sure the have reasonable failure rate.

guitarded771715d ago

I HIGHLY doubt a June launch. If (and like I said I highly doubt it) a June launch were to happen, it'd have to be after E3. I think a fall launch is more realistic. We'd have so many leaks from parts manufactures right now if they were gearing up for a June launch, and 3rd party devs would want to be showing their games already if it were a June launch.

jmac531714d ago

I think there might be a translation error from revealing/unveiling to launching.

starchild1714d ago

No way. They are not going to launch in June. That is only a couple months away and they haven't even announced it.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31714d ago

Move along Kneon, this isn't a Sony article. But if it was, I wonder if you'd be so negative about an added option that probably wouldn't be forced upon the end user.

BitbyDeath1714d ago

I wonder if this is one of the outcomes from the emergency meeting they held a few weeks back after seeing the PS4 announcement.

Pando might be used to let you play games while downloading them like what PS4 had already announced.

3-4-51714d ago

I think that means launch of all the info and the reveal.

Since E3 is during or around the same time we can guess that it is referring to that or at least somewhat E3 along with other Microsoft only Presentations.

andibandit1714d ago

It makes a small amount of sense because they could be standing on the scene at E3 and say, "You can get it on monday".

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Dlacy13g1715d ago

I feel confident this is the full reveal in June. We would have heard something by now if it was a June actual hardware launch.

AngelicIceDiamond1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

I was hoping for a April reveal if the rumors are anything to go by.

MS seems like they're buying allot lately. How much "stuff" will the 720 have in it?


@DLace Oh ok so the April reveal is still very possible. I agree the 720 won't get released in June. I think people keep getting "launch" and "reveal" mixed up.

Thanks for the clear up.

Dlacy13g1715d ago

@AngelicIceDiamond I am sure we will get a partial reveal in April similar to what Sony did. It wont be everything but it will give you a good idea. The full reveal I am sure will come in June at E3 with launch window / date and possibly price.

I highly doubt they would launch hardware in June. I mean 1) We have not heard a peep of leeks from any manufacturing which would already have had to be happening for a June launch. 2) They will want more than just 2 months (April & May) to promote the console. They are marketing beasts so this just doesn't make sense.

TheSauce1714d ago

Maybe they might pull an Apple and release it very shortly after announcement.

MariaHelFutura1715d ago

Surprise!!! It's actually out now!!

Kalowest1715d ago

LMFAO!!! I burst out laughing reading your comment, lol.

torchic1715d ago

lol TechnicianTed just went in on Kalowest ahaha

FITgamer1714d ago

And maybe it'll come with a pot of gold and a leprechaun riding unicorn!!!

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MYSTERIO3601715d ago

I personally don't think this will be used in MS next gen console but as a windows 8 app.

Bathyj1714d ago

MS bought Bryan Brown's character from Two Hands?

showtimefolks1714d ago

This means announcing not the actual launch which most likely will be in fall

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majiebeast1715d ago

Pando is borderline spyware why you would want to buy it is beyond me unless they plan on doing the big brother thing.

jayblings1715d ago

I've never heard of the company before. Maybe the P2P ability would allow for user mods and collaborations.

-Alpha1715d ago

Mods would be killer.

I dont see why next gen consoles aren't doing it, though they seem to be more and more restricted on PC anyway

Gildarts1715d ago

That seems most likely. Why else would they acquire a P2P sharing company? They might as well have bought uTorrent.

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Kalowest1715d ago

I believe you, the Sharingan can see through anything.

Irishguy951714d ago

It runs on feelings...not logic

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