The Saboteur Review : Ordinary Gamer

WWII games make a return...

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dan9581894d ago

Thanks for the approvals.

cerpintaxt441894d ago

??? This game is like 4 years old

Fatty1894d ago

An older title, but one that I absolutely loved playing. It was the first sandbox game where I actually tried (and did) get 100% on. Every last Nazi target was neutralized... I pretended that I was one of the Basterds.

reznik_zerosum1894d ago

I really love people that know how to enjoy game,good job.

ziggurcat1894d ago

uh... a little late to the party, no?

dan9581894d ago

It is an older title, but my website is for the 'Ordinary Gamer' - the gamer who mainly buys old, used games.

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The story is too old to be commented.