Review: "God Of War: Ascension" Is As Beautiful As Venus But Is That Enough? | Complex

God of War: Ascension is an attempt to convert the gamers who weren’t feeling the past three releases and it works. Sort of. What makes this prequel so awesome is the same thing that ultimately causes it’s own demise.

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PirateThom1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Venus is her Roman equivalent. Should be Aphrodite.

lovegames7181863d ago

Solid 9 and if you factor in the very competent and fun mp its a 9.5 to 10

I bought the collectors edition (by the way statue is awesome) and since ive gotten this game ive been staying up till 4am every night and getting to work tired lol This game is just as awesome as GOW3 and is really good. Imo it is no lower than an 8.5 and i believe it is a 9.

Mp my god its just so addictive. Like someone mentioned above i would also buy it if it was just a standalone mp game. The weapons and special moves are cool. The graphics in mp are literally better than most graphics ive seen during sp and that's insane. All the dynamic events are beautiful and well done. On the Daedelus level you literally are jumping from moving squares during game play and its all done seamlessly. Character armor can be changed and also the colors and skin types. The weapons and the things each do are great!!!

I dont know what ppl want from this game. Fatigue my #ss this game should stay the way it is gameplay wise because it just works. Its not like the devs haven't added things in gameplay and even added a very good mp as well. I swear if it was another game that had the same exact controls and nothing added theyw ould have given it a 9.5 and said "this game stays true to form and is a great addition" 7.8 isnt a bad score but all those 7's ive seen are ridiculous since alot of websites are marking ti down because they say its same old same old

GearSkiN1863d ago

I'm gonna need to disagree with you. I could deff see why this game is getting a lot high Bs. For me gow3 is way more intense than this game. Multi is something that this game doesn't need, it's all about watching people's health and try to steal it. Got boring. But I'm glad it's there. Not toobad

thornh1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

There are a couple of things about the SP that I'm not happy about. The greatest thing, to me, about all GoW games to this point has been the narrative. You always knew what you were doing and why. There was always that cinematic break that got you up to speed and made you feel like what you were doing was important. I don't get that feeling as much in GoW:A. Maybe it will come later but at the point I'm currently at I'm not 100% sure what I am supposed to do or why I am doing it. The graphics are outstanding, at least on par with GoW3, but there are little hesitations in responsiveness and the autosave will make things hesitate slightly. For a Santa Monica game it feels ever so slightly unpolished. I'm not a huge MP fan but the MP is fresh and well done. Overall, so far, it's not quite on par with 3. Just comparing it to the other GoW games, including the Ready at Dawn games, I would give it an 8.5 (GoW 2 would be a 9.9). I love Kratos. The series deserves an awesome spinoff or reboot on the PS4. Can't wait to see what SSM can do.

masa20091863d ago

Ghost of Sparta on PSP was itself very dry narratively.
The game had virtually no story element until several hours in when they told a bit of backstory about the brother.
I don't remember Chains being super great either story wise, except the ending.
And 2/3 already felt a bit tacked on. They were OK, but the ending to the first was so satisfying and definitive that it felt that the story was stretched more than continued.
2 was still great because the game was the longuest of all and tightened the gameplay a bit, introduced a more varied color palette and a bigger scale.
After 1's great story and 2's expanded content though, the series didn't have much new to offer.

aquamala1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

not seeing amazing graphics here, it looks as good as other good looking console games. when GoW3 was out, it looked so much better comparing to other games, but GoW:A now is just one of the good looking console games, so I think score of 7-8 the game has been getting is right on.

Ezz20131863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

well, i don't agree with you here
and the scores have nothing to do with gfx

the gfx get praise as the best on consoles from all the reviews so far and from gamers as well
nothing on consoles is even close maybe uncharted 3 and killzone 3 but that's about it

so i don't know what you are reading