Nintendo Download for March 14, 2013 (North America)

A ton of 3DS and Wii U retail titles on the Nintendo Download today. A HarmoKnight demo for those interested in the wacky rhythm based adventure. Plus, Mega Man 3 and Punch-Out!! on the Virtual Console.

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mudmax1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Downloading NFS Most Wanted and Punch-Out!! as soon as I get home.

robparko1978d ago

I think NFS is out next week. Because it will release between now and the next Nintendo Download, it gets added to today's list.

sloth33951978d ago

the WiiU stuff doesnt come out until next week

robparko1978d ago

You're right, but Nintendo includes it on this week's Nintendo Download. They've been doing it for awhile, but the titles have been lesser known so it's easy to miss the trend.

Retail titles that will release between now and March 20 get added to today's list. Basically, Nintendo is fluffing up their list to make it look larger.