25 Video Games We'd Like to See Made

A true survival horror game set in the world of American Horror Story; a triumphant return of some of gaming’s most beloved and abandoned mascots; and a Nicholas Cage beat-em-up sidescrolling adventure? Just imagine what the future of video games could hold!

With the next generation of home video game consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 almost upon us, gamers are likely to finally see some fresh and exciting new IPs hop out of the gate this coming fall. What are the expert analysts saying that these new IPs will be? I couldn’t tell you. Okay, so maybe this is just me exercising my authority as an imaginary game developer, but still, you never know who might be reading! Are most of our picks likely to become actual video games one day? I guess I’ve seen stranger things happen. But would it be awesome if they actually did? I’ll let you be the judge of that after reading Den of Geek’s 25 Games We’d Like to See:

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