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EdoubleD1953d ago

Tear it all down huh? Man, I can't wait for this!

Landquake1953d ago

To Ken Levine and Irrational Games... at first, you had my curiosity... but now, you have my attention! This is hands down looking like a phenomenal game!

kyon1471953d ago

You can check out VGU's Bioshock Preview went they went to 2K Games to play Bioshock here

ame221953d ago

Must resist watching..must continue media blackout.

I_am_Batman1953d ago

Same here. I watched the first couple of trailers but to be honest they give away way too much information about this game before launch.

Conzul1953d ago

This one doesn't really give away anything new.

pythonxz1952d ago

Well, I had no idea you are able to use a vigor that could collect bullets and throw them back at your enemy. That made me even more excited.

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