DIehard GameFAN: The Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Edition Review

DHGF: The Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Edition is far from either of those adjectives or even Spectacular or Superior if we want to throw out all the most used descriptors for Webhead. What you’re actually getting is a third rate Arkham Asylum/City ripoff that should only be experienced by the most devout Spider-Man fanboys. The story is terrible and nonsensical at times, The visuals has regular screen tearing, frame rate issues and slowdown and the game is laughably easy regardless of difficulty setting. The Wii U version packs in all the DLC onto the disc, but considering said DLC ranges from Space Invaders rip-offs to thirty second button mashing contests, one has to wonder why any of that DLC was made in the first place save to separate fools from their money. The bottom line is that The Amazing Spider-Man is more turkey than arachnid and I wouldn’t even recommend renting this.

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lilbroRx1828d ago

Hmm, seems this game turned out to be everything I expected it to be.