'Tiger Woods' on PS4 will push visuals, realism and social features

Tiger Woods PGA Tour on PS4 will be more realistic, EA Sports has explained.

Executive producer Brent Nielsen told Digital Spy that while the system would "push graphically the game in new areas", it will also improve on the social functionality established in this year's Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14.

"One of the big things we'll be able to continue to push - in addition to graphics and physics as we'll have more memory, more processing power and things we can do to make it more realistic - is really push the social aspect of it," he explained.

"It looks like they'll be giving us tools to be able to do that, so things like the chats, the Connected Tournaments and the arcs [seen in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14], just continuing to try and push people, because golf by nature is a social sport.

"I think what this is going to do is, where you don't have to be in the same room as everyone, you can get that social connection, and like I said, golf is a great sport for that too.

"We haven't thought too far specifically beyond that, but we've got some pretty cool ideas for down the road."

Nielsen added that the controller's touch pad is already being investigated by the team.

"Without getting into specifics or anything, myself included and our designers already have the wheels turning on different possibilities there too," he said.

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